Christina Schmidbauer

[Translate to English:] Christina Schmidbauer techn., M.Sc.

Project Assistant

Research Area Human-Machine Interaction| Institute of Management Science
Vienna University of Technology


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Areas of Research Interests

  • Human-robot interaction: Adaptive division of labor between humans and collaborative robots in assembly

Teaching Activities


  • Research project EIT Manufacturing "DeCoTe2022" (01/2022 - ongoing)
  • Research project EIT Manufacturing "DeCoTe" (01/2021 - 12/2021)
  • Research project "Shared Tasks" (10/2018 - 03/2019)
  • Research project "CoMeMak" (04/2019 - ongoing)
  • Research project EIT Manufacturing "RoboNuggets" and "UN.I.CO" (01/2020 - 12/2020)
  • Construction of demonstrators in the Pilotfabrik für Industrie 4.0


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Vita (excerpt)

  • since 09/2021 Project assistant and doctoral studies in technical sciences at the TU Vienna
  • 09/2018 - 08/2021 University assistant and doctoral studies in technical sciences at TU Wien within the doctoral program TrustRobots
  • 10/2015 - 12/2017 Product data, order and project management, Mercedes Benz G GmbH, Raaba/Graz
  • 02/2015 - 07/2015 Master thesis "Building future success potentials through additive metal manufacturing processes in the production equipment manufacturing of Daimler Trucks Powertrain", Daimler AG
  • 09/2013 - 09/2015 Master study High-Tech-Manufacturing, FH Campus Vienna
  • 02/2013 - 06/2013 Bachelor thesis "The goal hierarchical classification of financial control variables in decision making", Daimler AG
  • 09/2010 - 06/2013 Bachelor studies Production and Management, FH OÖ, Campus Steyr
  • 06/2010 Matura, BG/BRG Ramsauerstraße Linz