Maximilian Papa

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Research Assistant

Research Area Human-Machine Interaction| Institute of Management Science
TU Wien

Phone: +43 1 58801 33055

Areas of Research Interests

  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Production work of the future | Industry 4.0
  • Safety and security of cyber-physical work systems
  • Mobile, industrial and collaborative robotics


  • Hollerer S., Fischer C., Brenner B., Papa M., Schlund S., Kastner W., Fabini J., Zseby T., Cobot attack: a security assessment exemplified by a specific collaborative robot (July 31, 2021). Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 54, Pages 191-196, ISSN 2351-9789
  • Leithner I., Papa M., Lueger B., Cato M., Hollerer S. & Seemann R. (2020). Development and Implementation of a Secure Production Network, Proceedings of the 31th DAAAM International Symposium, pp.0736-0745, B. Katalinic (Ed.), Published by DAAAM International, ISBN 978-3-902734-29-7, ISSN 1726-9679, Vienna, Austria
  • Wöber W., Rauer J., Papa M., Aburaia A., Schwaiger S., Novotny G., Aburaia M. & Kubinger W. (2020). Evaluierung von Navigationsmethoden für mobile Roboter, e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik 137(6)
  • Papa M., Sattinger V. & Kubinger W. (2020). Feasibility study of a certifiable production environment using safe environmental sensor systems, Proceedings of the Joint Austrian Computer Vision and Robotics Workshop 2020
  • Sattinger V., Papa M., Stuja K. & Kubinger W. (2019). Methodik zur Entwicklung sicherer kollaborativer Produktionssysteme im Rahmen von Industrie 4.0, e & i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik 136(7)
  • Markis A., Papa M., Kaselautzke D., Rathmair M., Sattinger V. & Brandstötter M. (2019). Safety of Mobile Robot Systems in Industrial Applications, Proceedings of the ARW & OAGM Workshop 2019
  • Papa M., Kaselautzke D., Stuja, K. & Wolfel, W. (2018). Different Safety Certifiable Concepts for Mobile Robots in Industrial Environments, Proceedings of the 29th DAAAM International Symposium, pp.0791-0800, B. Katalinic (Ed.), Published by DAAAM International, ISBN 978- 3-902734-20-4, ISSN 1726-9679, Vienna, Austria
  • Papa M., Kaselautzke D., Radinger T. & Stuja K. (2017). Development of a Safety Industry 4.0 Production Environment, Proceedings of the 28th DAAAM International Symposium, pp.0981-0987, B. Katalinic (Ed.), Published by DAAAM  International, ISBN 978-3-902734-11-2, ISSN 1726-9679, Vienna, Austria



  • since January 2021: Doctoral studies in technical sciences at the TU Wien.
  • 09/2017 - 09/2019: Master's programme in mechatronics/robotics (FH Technikum Wien)
  • 09/2014 - 06/2017: Bachelor's programme in mechatronics/robotics (FH Technikum Wien)
  • 08/2013 - 08/2014: One-year volunteer training with the Austrian Armed Forces
  • 09/2008 - 06/2013: Higher Technical School for Health Technology Mistelbach

Work Experience

  • since September 2020: Research associate in the research area "Human Centered Cyber Physical Production and Assembly Systems" (BMK Endowed Professorship for Industry 4.0)
  • October 2019 - September 2020: Deputy head of study program (mechatronics/robotics) at the FH Technikum Wien
  • July 2017 - September 2019: Junior Researcher at the FH Technikum Wien
  • March 2017 - July 2017: Minor employment at Keravin Handels Ges.m.b.H.
  • July 2016 - January 2017: Bachelor internship at Dr. techn. J. Zelisko GmbH
  • March 2015 - April 2016: Minor employment at Keravin Handels Ges.m.b.H.
  • August 2012: Vacation internship at Keravin Handels Ges.m.b.H
  • July 2011: Holiday internship at Otto Bock Healthcare Products GmbH