The Community Sessions serve as an interactive exchange with the conference participants. 

NEW 2024: This year, for the first time, you can also submit your own topic suggestions for the Community Sessions and their speakers by May 3, 2024. More info here: Call for Contribution

In the Community Sessions you can choose from presentations in the following areas:

New and innovative teaching methods to impart the necessary skills

[Translate to English:] Innovative Lehre

with Prof. Dr. Cordular Boden and Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kilian

Working with advanced technologies

[Translate to English:] New Tech

with Prof. Dr. Christian Drumm and Prof. Dr. Stefan Stöckler

Big data and analytics with SAP - obtaining reliable information by analysing data

[Translate to English:] Big Data

with Prof. Dr. Tobias Hagen and Prof. Dr. Klaus Freyburger

Environment Social Governance (ESG), circular economy and sustainability

[Translate to English:] ESG

with Prof. Dr. Jorge Marx Gómez, Prof. Dr. Uta Mathis and Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Scheruhn

International cooperation with various partners within the SAP ecosystem

[Translate to English:] SAP Ökosystem

with Dr. Harald Kienegger and Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein