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Dr. Stefan Konlechner 

Senior Scientist
Research Group Leadership & Strategy | Institute of Management Sciences

Dr. Stefan Konlechner is a Senior Scientist in the Leadership and Strategy Group of the Institute of Management Sciences at the Vienna University of Technology. His research interests focus on strategic learning and change. His research findings have been published in leading international journals such as Human Relations and the Journal of Management. Since 2018, he has been the editorial director of the Austrian Management Review, which supports knowledge transfer between theory and practice. Previously, he worked at WU Vienna as well as at JKU Linz. He is engaged in the topics of leadership, change, human resource management as well as scientific work for practitioners in leadership development.

E-Mail: stefan.konlechner@tuwien.ac.at

Selected Publications

Konlechner, Stefan/Ambrosini, Veronique (2019): Issues and trends in causal ambiguity research: a review and assessment. Journal of Management, 45(6), 2352-2386. 

Konlechner, Stefan W./Latzke, Markus/Güttel, Wolfgang H./Höfferer, Elisabeth (2018): Prospective sensemaking, frames and planned change interventions: A comparison of change trajectories in two hospital units. Human Relations, Vol. 72, 706-732.

Konlechner, Stefan W./Müller, Barbara/Güttel, Wolfgang H. (2017): A dynamic capabilities perspective on managing technological change: a review, framework and research agenda. International Journal of Technology Management, Vol. 76, 188-213.

Konlechner, Stefan W./Müller, Barbara/Güttel, Wolfgang H./Koprax, Irina/Link, Karin (2016): A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: The Role of Artifacts in Interpretive Schema Change. Schmalenbach Business Review, Vol. 17, 129-150. 

Konlechner, Stefan W. (2016): Organizational Search, Capability Reconfiguration, and Capability Reorientation: A Framework of Organizational Responses to Perceived Capability Gaps. Journal of Competence-based Strategic Management, Vol. 9, 109-135.