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Changes for the submission of PhD theses:

In the faculty council meeting on January 13th, 2021, changes for the submission of dissertations for the purpose of performing plagiarism check were decided ...

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As discussed in the Faculty Council meeting on January 13th, 2021, the finished dissertations must be submitted as a PDF version at least 2 months before the planned date of the final examination in order to enable a plagiarism check.

Please send completed dissertations as a PDF  2 months before your exam date to paul.mayrhofer@tuwien.ac.at with cc to Ms. Galler (regina.galler@tuwien.ac.at).

Please note that over the course of 2021 it is planned that diploma theses must also be submitted as a PDF for plagiarism check at least 1 month before the planned examination date. - The date for the concrete implementation will be announced as soon as possible.