Graduating from a Doctorate


New rules for PhD students:

2 months prior to the viva, a completed PDF file of the dissertation must be submitted via e-mail to the Dean of Sudies, a copy to the Office of the Registrar, for plagiarism checking.

All submission documents must be sent by e-mail to the Dean's Office 2 months before the viva voce ().

When submitting the documents, the form "Ansuchen um Zulassung zum Rigorosum" must already state the reviewers, the examination board, the date and the time. It must also be signed by the Dean of Studies.

The chairperson must not be from the same research unit as the doctoral candidate (preferably not from the same institute).

(Reviewers must be officially appointed by TU Wien two months before the date of the examination.)

Unfortunately we can no longer allow registration without a precise date and time.

The first come, first served principle applies!

From now on, a positive statement or a supervisor assessment must be enclosed with the documents submitted for a viva-voce.

The documents cannot be accepted without this statement!

(A suggested positive statement can be found in Documents to be submitted)

Doctorate completion

The doctoral programme concludes with a repeat examination, the viva-voce.

The subject of the dissertation and the courses completed in the 
specialisation must be submitted to the Dean of Studies for approval
at the onset of the dissertation.

The following documents must be collected and taken along:

  1. Application for admission to the viva-voce (PDF)
  2. Detailed CV (personally signed)
  3. Copy of birth certificate
  4. Degree certificate from the last diploma examination (for graduates of foreign universities: Notification of recognition of the preliminary studies and examination certificates for all supplementary courses and examinations prescribed if need be, and notification of admission to the doctoral study programme)
  5. Two copies of the bound dissertations (HARDCOVER)
  6. Request for restriction on use (created under TISS Theses, if necessary)
  7. A copy of the first page of the dissertation (Title page)
  8. Current record of studies
  9. Confirmation of completed courses (+ batch print of all certificates proving 12 contact hours per semester week or 18 ECTS credits)
  10. Factsheet for authors for university theses
  11. Positive statement from supervisor
  12. 2 months before the viva-voce - submit the dissertation in PDF form to the dean of studies as well as to the secretariat for a plagiarism check.
  13. Dissertation notification (submission: no later than 1 year after the start of the dissertation)

Template for writing the dissertation (please note that the statutory declaration has been revised on January 17, 2022):

From now on, the chair and the two assessors must receive a pdf file of the dissertation in good time before the oral examination, so that they can familiarise themselves with the content and prepare an appraisal.

The new Directives (PDF), opens a file in a new window, for the electronic legal deposit of university theses apply from 01/09/2013.

Dissertation agreement (PDF), opens a file in a new window

Help with the final presentation (PDF), opens a file in a new window



Both the dissertation agreement (+ abstract) and the request for approval of the specialisation must now be delivered to the Dean's Office within 12 months.

Information for the Completion of a Doctorate

Information can be found under the following Link E018-50 Datenschutz und Dokumentenmanagement – Frau Thalinger, opens an external URL in a new window


NOTE:  the Dean of Studies will only approve a DISSERTATION EMBARGO of 2 years at the most. If the work is to be embargoed for longer, the restriction on use must be sent to the Vice Rector for Study and Teaching, Associate Professor Kurt Matyas.