TU Wien wide access to Dimensions Analytics

Dimensions Analytics provides a comprehensive view on the research process and outcomes in context.

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Dimensions, a tool developed by Digital Science, is a multidisciplinary platform that brings together publications, datasets, grants, clinical trials, patents and policy documents with citations and further alternative metrics.

The free version of Dimensions provides openly-available search and metrics for more than 100 million publications, while our institutional license to Dimensions Analytics (access through VPN) expands the content to cover more information as well as enabling users to gain deeper insights into a topic. The bibliographic data are enriched with information such as funder, research organization, researcher, or research category. This enables users to access the most relevant knowledge, and provides a comprehensive view on diverse research activities. Some use examples are to discover relevant interdisciplinary information, analyse research impact, locate funding sources, measure collaboration activity, monitor open access, etc.

Dimensions is designed to support different groups within a research organization, from research administrators to students and research staff.

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