TU Wien Academic Press - New release: Dumke: Erneuerbare Energien für Regionen

Hartmut Dumke: "Erneuerbare Energien für Regionen: Flächenbedarfe und Flächenkonkurrenzen"

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For a successful energy transformation, renewable energy resources are essential, but these resources require space. In this publication, Hartmut Dumke looks at energy harvests and area requirements of the renewable energy resources  geothermal power, wind and solar power, as well as biomass. Building on this analysis,  competition for area and land use and environmental effects are considered.

In addition to providing a catalogue of area requirements for renewable energy sites, the publication makes clear that achieving integrated and regional energy planning involves not only energy technology, but requires further research into planning and participation processes involved in energy planning. The concept of a regional cooperation area shows great potential in this aspect. 

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