Research Days 2022: ScienceCultureChange

Research culture and Open Science are key issues for the library.

Speakers at the Research Days 2022

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Library director Beate Guba presents library services related to Open Science

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Director Beate Guba presents library services related to Open Science

During the Research Days 2022, TU Wien Bibliothek took contributed to the programme theme of research services and research support. Promoting Open Science is central to the library’s work, and we offer numerous related services for researchers and students. These include services provided in connection with TU Wien Academic Press, opens an external URL in a new window and reposiTUm, opens an external URL in a new window, as well as courses and advisory services, and projects in the area of Citizen Science.

The Research Days of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at TU Wien were initiated in 2012 and have since been held with different thematic focuses. In 2022, the Research Days were held under the motto “ScienceCultureChange“, reflecting on and further developing research structures and career models at the Faculty. The focus was on strengthening and raising the profile of competencies in research and development of the arts and positioning of the Faculty. At TU Wien, research is promoted with extensive research support and services. These services are presented by service providers, and optimisation measures for the faculty are discussed. The current research situation at the Faculty is discussed in talks with international experts on the subject of required structures, agendas and funding logics in research, as well as support offers, research clusters, network building and scientific career development models.