Courses from TU Wien Bibliothek

This summer semester, TU Wien Bibliothek is offering two courses on the topic of scientific work.

New courses on scientific work in the winter semester 2020/21

Course "Scientific Work: Literature Research, Citations, and Academic Writing" (DE, 2 ECTS)

With topics ranging from targeted literature, how to structure a scientific research question, to correct citation and writing tips: the lecture on "Scientific Work: Literature Research, Citations, and Academic Writing" is a solid preparation for writing your own scientific papers, from bachelors theses to masters' theses.

Course "Scientific Work: Publishing and Dissemination (EN, 3 ECTS)

A good publication and dissemination strategy is a key element to make the most of anyone’s scientific work. This course covers various aspects of the full publication process, from the planning to the spreading of the research results, such as how to choose a suitable outlet for publication, how to avoid bad practices, as well as ways to increase a researcher’s visibility through professional and academic profiles.

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