Creating, sharing, disseminating and preserving knowledge

A place of learning and knowledge, TU Wien Bibliothek creates digital and analogue worlds of learning and science that are open, connected and future-oriented.

Creating, sharing, disseminating and preserving knowledge

A variety of technologies shape the daily work of TU Wien’s university library, such as cloud computing and search engine technologies, RFID or robots. In the future, TU Wien Bibliothek will expand its role as a living lab and test the next generation of scientific research tools.

Metadata ensure that researchers and their research activities are findable. The dissemination of research results and the promotion of an open scientific and publication culture (Open Science) at TU Wien are further strategic priorities of TU Wien Bibliothek. With reposiTUm, a platform is provided through which publications are freely accessible on the internet or, after successful peer review, are published by TU Wien Academic Press. The library's course and advisory services programmes contribute to ensuring good scientific practice.

As a place of learning and knowledge, the library is a neutral, public and inspirational space with diverse learning environments, facilitating the transfer of knowledge from TU Wien to society.

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