COVID-19 update: TU Wien Bibliothek

View the real-time graph showing current availability of study desks in the main library, and learn about our COVID-19 rules.

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>> view the real-time graph showing current availability of study desks in the Main Library, opens an external URL in a new window

Opening hours

Opening hours may have to be changed at short notice if necessitated by COVID-19 developments. Always check the current opening hours on our homepage.

Opening hours from September 2020

Main Library

Mon - Fri     08:00 - 22:00

Sat, Sun      10:00 - 17:00

Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering Library

Mon - Fri     09:00 - 19:00

Library card - online registration

New library cards can be issued. If you are not a TU Wien student or employee, please fill in our online registration form, opens an external URL in a new window before coming to the library to have your card issued. If you paid a registration fee for your library card, note that the validity has been automatically extended by the duration of the library closure.

Loans and returns

All library users can borrow and return media in the library.


  • Book or other media you want to borrow must be requested on CatalogPlus. These requested items will be placed on the Requested Books shelf on the ground floor at hourly intervals. You may only take those media from the open access shelves that you want to use in the library. Note that access to the study areas is limited and registration with a TUcard or library card is required (see below).
  • Requested works that are not loanable will be issued to you at the circulation desk on the ground floor. These items can only be used on the library premises. A valid photo identification document is lodged at the circulation desk while the item is in use.
  • TU Wien students have the additional option of choosing postal delivery when requesting media that are loanable and that are not available as e-resources. Note that fees are payable for this service (Scale of fees document) and that this service requires your address and contact data from TISS to be passed on to Österreichische Post AG.


Returning borrowed media by post is possible at your own risk. The return date for any media sent to the library by post will be the date the return is booked in the library software. Be sure to consider the time needed for postal delivery, so that you do not become liable for any fines. For details see §8 of our Library Rules, opens an external URL in a new window document.

Paying fines

During library opening hours, you have access to the pay station on the ground floor if you need to pay any fines.

Online access to electronic media

The library has licensed over 9000 ejournals and around 140,000 ebooks for our users. In addition, we are offering expanded access to ejournals and ebooks at many publishers, such as Elsevier ScienceDirect Textbooks, IEEE Courses or Springer Nature ebooks. Check our homepage for an up-to-date list of additional resources..

Current information on our expanded portfolio of e-books and e-journals, opens an external URL in a new window

VPN access from home: TU Wien students and staff can access our ebooks and e-journals from your homes using VPN. Note that for access to electronic full texts, you need to select "2_All tunneled" during VPN login! If you have any problems with access to our electronic resources, do not hesitate to contact us at

Learning spaces in the library: registration required

A reduced number of study desks are available for individual study. These desks may be used exclusively by persons registering at the circulation desk with their TUcard or library card. You will be assigned one of the main library's floors and may only use the study desks there.

Data protection information:

Registering library users enables fast identification, isolation and tracing of contact persions in case of COVID-19 infections, in order to break infection chains. We record the day of presence, the library floor assigned, and the TUcard or library card number. These data will be saved for a period of 8 weeks. In case of contact tracing by health authorities investigating COVID-19 cases, the TUcard or libary card number will be used to identify the names and contact information of library users, which will be passed on to the health authorities.

COVID-19 rules for studying in the library

  • Disinfect your hands on entering the library.
  • Wear a mouth and nose protection in all public areas (locker rooms, circulation desks, stairwells, toilets). You may remove the face mask at your study desk.
  • Disinfect your study desk with the surface disinfectant provided by the library.
  • Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other persons. Each study desk that may be used is equipped with a chair. Do not move the chair to another desk.
  • Group study is not permitted.
  • "Bring your own device": only a small number of catalogue terminals may be used. The PC workstations on the first floor are closed. Please bring your own laptop or other device if possible.
  • Please note that all media from the shelves that you want to borrow must be requested on CatalogPlus. You may only take those media from the open access shelves that you want to use in the library. Registration with a TUcard or library card is required for access to the study areas.
  • Book scanner: at the moment, one book scanner on the ground floor may be used. Please disinfect your hands before using the book scanner.
  • You may only take personal learning materials, laptops, writing equipment, books and beverages in sealable containers into the library. All other belongings must be left in the lockers.