Research Areas

Energy supply is a principal component of modern infrastructure and requires/demands an enormous expenditure. It is therefore necessary to set up energy systems so that they do not only fulfil their tasks under present prevailing structural conditions but also to factor in future challenges which are evolving out of this. It is critical that research in the field of energy systems technology anticipates such challenges and accordingly investigates and develops both theoretical and technological solutions to master these tasks.

Energy systems in the form of AC and DC energy systems current are becoming more extensive, that means that they are taking hold over countries and continents (Supergrids). In addition to that they encompass varying energy providers i.e. gas and electric energy (Universal Grids). At the same time energy automation, driven by the integration of renewable energy units and the increasing diffusion of electromobility, spreads from the transmission network into the distribution network and to the consumer side (Smart Grids). The role of high-performance software for modelling, analysis, planning and the operating of energy systems will increase even more.

From these challenges the following research areas of the research group are facilitated at the Institute for Energy Systems and Electrical Drives: