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Functional Materials

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The working group "Functional Materials" of the Institute of Solid State Physics at TU Wien deals with the fundamentals of film deposition from the vapor phase and with the transfer of experimental and theoretical results into application.

The applications of thin film technology range from microelectronics to surface modification and the development of new materials. Surface modification and film deposition processes are increasingly being integrated into industrial production processes. The following topics are in focus:

Growth of polycrystalline films - Condensation and wetting - Heterogeneous films - Plasma-treatment of surfaces and adhesion - Temperature treatment and de-wetting

All research results are developed in close collaboration of permanently permanent staff, PhD students, master students and other temporary members of the group.

The presentation of results at international meetings and the publication in refereed journals is a central point for both, permanent and temporary members of the Functional Materials Group.

Members of the working group

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