Teaching 4.0 – FEM-Simulation into AR

The existing AR teaching platform AR-supported Teaching supports the teaching of new content. The software enables students to examine three-dimensional teaching materials independently from any viewing direction and thus to understand them better. Currently, the platform only supports the IFC format, which is essential in the construction industry.

3D data from simulations are obtained on HPC resources but have not yet been displayed in augmented reality. Currently, the optimal solution for transferring the data into AR is still being sought – as are the file formats required and suitable for this. This step requires a network of teachers and researchers in this field (AR). Our project aims to close these gaps through networking and identifying solutions.

Aim of the project

Our project complements the existing platform with new file formats and documentation relevant to various disciplines. The pure 3D models are overlaid with results from FE analyses (FEA) using AR:

  • the 3D voltages are superimposed on a construction beam and
  • the streamlines around a body flowing around it,

to illustrate the effects of different geometries on the voltage distribution of the streamlines.

Some examples in a teaching setting illustrate the path from the real construction via the FEM simulation to an AR visualisation. All processes are recorded transparently for future applications by a broader user group. In addition, the web platform offers the possibility to design one's course from individual modules, create one's teaching project and exchange ideas about the possibilities of using AR in teaching and research communication.

This preparation in different file formats means that the platform can be used by several faculties of the TU Vienna and other applications.

We expect the AR platform to be widely used if the project is successfully completed.