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BRISE-Vienna (Building Regulations Information for Submission Envolvement)

The BRISE project combines the high-tech methods of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) to create a comprehensive, end-to-end digital and automated approval process. Instead of 2D paper plans, entirely digital 3D building models are used. The BRISE solution is thus an innovative basis for managing the entire construction project - from planning and submission to on-site construction control and acceptance of the finished building.
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Core tasks of the TU Vienna

The core tasks of the interdisciplinary research team at TU Wien are:

  • Definition of requirements for digital openBIM models (geometric requirements LOG, information requirements LOI)
  • Research and development of checking rules for automated checking of BIM models (link to other project)
  • Research on the application of augmented reality in the building permit process
  • Research on the application of artificial intelligence in the building permit procedure (E194-04)
  • Development of training materials for the use of BIM checking rules
  • Integration into research-led teaching
  • Dissemination of findings and requirements
  • Active cooperation and leadership of the corresponding working group in buildingSMART

Project partners

The City of Vienna (Projekt-Lead)
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Institut für Information Systems Engineering
FOB E-Commerce (E194-04)

Ziviltechnikerkammer für Wien, Niederösterreich und Burgenland

WH Media GmbH

Persons involved

DI Simon Fischer, BSc
Alexander Gerger, BSc
Daniel Pfeiffer
DI Tina Krischmann (TBW-ODE)
Hannes Asmera (TBW-ODE)
Alexander Wihann (Gem. Wien)