BIM test rule development

Solibri API Test Rule Development

An essential application of digital building models in the sense of BIM is the automated or partially automated checking of the model contents. Model-based quality management increases the individual planning quality of the individual disciplines and also enables interdisciplinary coordination between the models.

Due to the relevance of this use case, some software manufacturers have developed pure BIM checking software. One of these applications is the Solibri Model Checker. This checking software offers over 50 predefined checking rule templates that can be nested user-defined to perform various specific checks. But even this system reaches its limits at some point. Despite multiple nesting, numerous complex specifications and tasks cannot be tested with the standard test rule templates of the Solibri Model Checker. Examples of this are the exposure verification in common rooms or the analysis of escape routes. For this reason, the ZDB team developed its own Solibri checking rule templates with various project partners. Solibri makes this possible via an API interface, with the help of which the testing software can be extended with individual testing rules based on the programming language JAVA.

Since March 2020, the ZDB team has been building up expertise in this area and could already boast 17 functional test rule templates in May 2022. The developed rules can be divided into two categories. The first category corresponds to actual checking rules, primarily developed for a specific use case and then generalised to be used universally. An example is the FreeStandingRule. It was initially developed to check whether a building is free-standing. Now it can be used for all kinds of horizontal distance controls. The second category includes rules that do not serve to check specific use cases but support the checking process itself. The ZDB team developed export and import rules to save intermediate results in CSV files.

Horizontal distance control with the FreeStandingRule

Horizontal distance control with the FreeStandingRule

If you are interested in individual API test rule developments for your projects, you can send us an enquiry.

In addition, using a package of already developed test rules for your project is possible via a licensing system (free test access for 30 days is possible).