Semester: 2024W
Building Type: Culture and Hospitality
GF: 11.500 m2

Tracing the History of the Spa Town Alexisbad

The project to reinterpret Alexisbad involves transforming historic bathhouses and guesthouses from the early 19th century into a modern event center. The ensemble, characterized by its historical significance as a spa town, is set to include event spaces, conference rooms, and accommodation. This entails using the bathhouse for events and the Logishaus for accommodation and smaller meetings, with the preservation of the listed buildings' substance, which will be carefully integrated into the new usage concept through extensive renovation measures.

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A visit to the project area, along with tours of built examples in the surrounding areas of Alexisbad, Halberstadt und Magdeburg, will take place from 23rd to 26th of October. Detailed information will be announced in a timely manner in TISS.



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