Semester: 2015W
Building Type: Industrial Building
BGF: 3.700 m2

Valve Production with a Delicate Touch

A new company headquarters for a production facility specializing in metal processing is planned for the location in Tyrol. The building concept includes administration, production, and storage areas and will be executed in timber construction. The focus for the building's design is on working with Building Information Modeling.


Veronika Buxbaum, Magdalena Greszta, Edin Sabic, Alban Islamaj, Sophia Silvia Pibal, Thomas Schoberberger, Florian Eckmaier, Otilia Molnarova, Julia Palyoova, Szymon Zwoniarkiewicz, Ivana Stokovic, Stefanie Tempus, Christina Mani, Berat Hyseni, Stefan Perschy, Besar Hoti, Tobias Amann, Sandra Tonitz, Esad Kapetanovic, Maximilian Dörflinger, Paul Srienz, Natasa Grujicic, Kemal Joldzo, Haris Spahic, Ivana Stojisavljevic


Plakat zur LV BIM Factory 2015