Our research department primarily supports the preparation of Master's theses, which deal with the research questions of our ongoing research projects in the sense of research-led teaching. In-depth design projects are also possible as Master's theses.

The first step is to prepare a research proposal – see form below for download: Research Proposal_Masterthesis

The following guidelines must be observed for design work – see form below for download: Masterthesis_Entwurf

Supervision and completion of the thesis

In the process of preparing the thesis, it is mandatory to meet three fixed deadlines with Prof. Dr.in techn. Dipl.-Ing. Kovacic in addition to the continuous feedback from the university assistants in charge.

  • Submission and presentation of the research project for approval
  • Progress presentation after preparation of the first research results
  • Final presentation, which must take place at least four weeks before submission to the Dean's Office

It is essential to note

In order to carry out the interim correction, the written work or documents must be submitted digitally at least two weeks in advance. The final edition of the thesis must be submitted digitally to the Dean's Office four weeks before the submission deadline for final correction and to obtain feedback.

Delivery at the institute

In addition to the submission of the thesis in digital form as a ZIP file, which contains the PDF of the written thesis, the PDF of the thesis presentation and all other documents and files, a printed and bound copy must be submitted for archiving at the Institute at the time of obtaining signatures for the evaluation by Univ.-Prof. Dr. techn. Dipl.-Ing. Kovacic.

Diploma thesis - Fields of research

- Research project-related topics
- Practice-related topics
- Design work