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Building informatics - Textbook 3rd edition

Book cover: LaTeX, Excel, Word

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LaTeX, Excel, Word

The 3rd edition of the textbook has been available since 2021. ISBN-13: 978-3-90331-122-0

Scripts of the other courses

You will receive them in the course of the lectures.

Templates in LaTeX and Word

On the following YouTube page you will find tutorials on LaTeX, Excel, Project and Word created by the Civil Engineering Computer Laboratory:

To the YouTube playlist, opens an external URL in a new window

LaTeX Template Bachelor Thesis

The template file Bachelor thesis template-LaTeX.tex uses the document class BachelorBI.cls, which is based on the KOMA script class scrartcl. For simplicity, save the document class file BachelorBI.cls and your LaTeX file in the same folder.

LaTeX Thesis Template

The template file TUWBI-Vorlage-DA.tex uses the style file TUWBIDA.sty, and the KOMA script class scrreprt. For simplicity, save all files in the same folder.

LaTeX Dissertation Template

This zip file contains the files for the dissertation template. It actually differs only in the use of a different title page, which is executed here as a separate file.

Always keep LaTeX installations complete and up-to-date

Windows with MikTeX:

  • First start the Package Manager:
    Start - All Programs - MikTeX 2.9 - Maintenance (Admin) - Package Manager (Admin) and check whether the installation is complete.
  • Update the LaTeX installation:
    Start - All Programs - MikTeX 2.9 - Maintenance (Admin) - Update (Admin)

Mac OS X with TeX Live (MacTeX distribution):

  • Start the TeX Live Utility. There you can install additional packages and necessary updates.

Word templates

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Building Informatics Textbook

You can purchase this at the bookstore of your choice (ISBN-13: 978-3-90331-122-0) or directly at the

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