Anna Caroline Aigner

Project Employee

Participation | Experimental and emancipatory planning approaches | Self-organisation

Anna Aigner is a Master's student in Spatial Planning and Development at the TU Wien. The focus of her professional work so far has been in the field of participatory and dialogue-oriented urban and local development. Other focal points of her work are the exploration of experimental and emancipatory planning approaches as well as projects on how to deal with climate change and social innovation. One of her main interests is the question of how urban spaces can be created in close cooperation with the population, what methods and tactics are needed to leave enough "free space" for appropriation processes and what influence self-organisation has on the development of urban spaces.

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During her studies, Anna Aigner worked as a tutor for the courses "Scientific Work in RPL", "Methods of Regional Analysis", "Techniques of Communication", "Methodology of Empirical Spatial Research" and "Communication and Participation". Additionally to administrative tasks such as supervising Tuwel courses and supporting students with organisational issues, Anna Aigner was also able to contribute to the content of the preparation and execution of the courses.



  • Aigner, Anna et al. (2019): City of Dreams. Perspectives on the Megacity Mumbai. Vienna: IVA-ICRA.

  • Aigner, Anna (2018): Inklusion von sozial benachteiligten Bevölkerungsgruppen in Baugruppen in Wien. Bachelor thesis. Vienna: TU Wien. 

  • Urban Equipe and Kollektiv Raumstation (eds.) (2020): ORGANISIERT EUCH! Changing the city together. The handbook. Zurich.

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Anna Caroline Aigner

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