The resilient and long-term sustainable city requires new approaches to the production and use of urban spaces. Stadtkern_PLUS is a project funded as part of the "Lighthouses for resilient cities 2040" program, which has set itself the goal of implementing innovative solutions in the existing urban development area “Wiener Nordwestbahnhof“. The interdisciplinary project team is made up of the Research Unit of Law, the City of Vienna's Municipal Department 25 (Technical Urban Renewal), the social business morgenjungs GmbH, and Volkshilfe Wien. The scientific management is subject to the future.lab of TU Wien.

The aim is to implement locally networked real-world laboratories ("Sockelpiloten") that use co-creative processes to combat vacancy in the ground floor zone in the existing old building area and thus provide a basis for a sustainable mix of uses. Collaborative and user-generated spatial uses and intermediate uses, as well as digital platforms for the communal sharing of spaces, are combined in a new way in the transdisciplinary project in order to implement an innovative urban ground floor zone as an impulse generator for the long-term sustainable interweaving of existing and new buildings. The Research Unit of Law is working on the relevant legal issues. The “Sockelpiloten“ will be used to demonstrate the legal possibilities and the existing need for action in order to make urban ground floor use more sustainable and innovative.

Funded by: FFG

Duration: 03/2022 - 02/2025