In the project "MeHealth: Mental eHealth & Telepsychiatry", Dragana Damjanovic, Arzu Sedef and Atis Comanita dealt with the legal protection, in particular data protection framework conditions of a MeHealth tool, which is intended to offer p  atients the opportunity to save their medical documents (e.g. findings, medication prescriptions) in a digital document folder on a platform and to conduct doctor's appointments via video (so-called video consultation). The Research Unit of Law examined in detail which data protection requirements must be met for hospitals to be allowed to transmit patient documents to patients electronically and whether conducting video consultations via the MeHealth tool is permissible under data protection law.

Provided that hospitals meet far-reaching legal and technical requirements, such as the admissibility of the transmission of health data in accordance with Art. 6 and Art. 9 of the General Data Protection Regulation and the encrypted transmission of health data in accordance with the Health Telematics Act, both the digital document folder and the medical video consultation are legally possible. If the MeHealth platform is actually to be used by hospitals and patients, the operator will have to design the MeHealth platform in such a way that the above-mentioned requirements can be met in full.

Funded by: FFG
Duration 11/2021 - 10/2022