The capacity to evaluate financial risks is not only important in times of a global crisis. To be  prepared for future developments and times of crisis, organizations and managers need the tools and skill set to analyze internal and external risks to manage their core business. With extended knowledge in the area of risk management & corporate finance and a better  understanding of the technical interrelationships within your organization, you will be prepared  for any unforeseen future circumstances.

Through the unique set-up of our program, you will not only be able to professionally assess the financial situation of your company, but also understand the technology behind the current solutions. In addition, you will bring your leadership skills to a new level and get an understanding of ethical questions concerning new technologies and sustainability. You will further specialize your theoretical knowledge on distinguishing relevant types of financing for your company. You will be able to analyze the advantage of investment projects and interpret dynamic investment calculations in order to plan your investment projects effectively. The MBA
program will ground your practical business decisions on a coherent market and business risk quantification, a sound business plan and the ability to control complex and dynamic systems.

Target group

The MBA is the right choice for you if you

  • want to expand your knowledge in  Risk Management & Corporate Finance in order to apply it in the finance, controlling and risk management department of a company,

  • want to move to a management position in a corporation,

  • want to gain understanding of the technical relationships within your organization

We particularly address professionals with a technical background, working in the following areas:

  • (technology-oriented) companies/organizations from various industries and fields of application

  • Industrial enterprises

  • Non-profit organizations and public institutions

  • SMEs



The Corporate Finance & Risk Management MBA will refine your communication qualities within the financial and operational department. Brush up on your quantitative skills and become the one explaining business concepts instead of the listener.

Gain broad management knowledge and work on your leadership qualities in addition to a profound understanding of Risk Management & Corporate Finance topics.

Get the insight on how to implement the financial requirements of your company within the technical systems used. Be prepared to find the adequate solutions for upcoming technical issues.

The MBA program is a unique combination of management, technology and leadership topics. It provides you with a basic technical understanding and key business skills to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. You will learn how to lead people better and how to control processes and organizations in the VUCA world in a targeted manner.

Our leadership retreats focus on your personal skills and leadership competencies. Through intensive exchange you will learn from and with each other in a trusting setting. You will get to know each other better as a leader and can thus better lead your team. 

The leadership retreats take place on 3 blocked dates in a seminar hotel outside of Vienna . In addition to thereotic inputs and discussions, the learning experience also includes group dynamic exercises and outdoor elements. Thorough reflection enables the transfer of what has been learned into practice.

Well-grounded, scientific content will be taught in an applicable way and enables the direct transfer of learnings into your practice.