More and more students of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems but also applicants or people interested in this MSc Program want to know more about our Alumni, their career after the program and their opinion on the program.

With our Alumni Ambassador's project we want to make this unique worldwide network of Alumni visible and give people the chance to learn more about those, who sucessfully finished our MSc Renewable Energy System.

Our Alumni Ambassadors are part of our international network and are pleased to offer inside information on the program, their carreer steps during and after the program as well as market insights into the energy market of their country of origin.

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If you are interested in talking to our Alumni, we will be happy to forward your request to our Ambassadors. Please choose "your" Ambassador below (depending on the country you are interested in) and send your request to the Email Adress given in the specific portrait.


Field of work: Saren - Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (São Paulo, Brazil)

Position: Founder and Executive Partner

"The MSc program Renewable Energy Systems at the TU Wien offers graduates an outstanding professional development opportunity.
During the program, students get in touch with a broad range of renewable energy technologies, and they are expected to deeply understand their application potential, as well as the relevant aspects of project development cycles and respective planning parameters. Furthermore, national and supra-national economic and political frameworks related to the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies are addressed and studied in-depth.
This unique combination of knowledge, network, tools and skills allows graduates to successfully assume leading roles on the development and deployment of renewable energy technologies, wherever the concrete career perspectives may be."

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Field of work: Power and Technical Environment Sector

Position: Senior Manager / Mobile Operator Company

"First of all, it was a great experience for me, because I was able to study in a foreign country with a different environment and  I could also study in the field which I like. What was interesting to me is that I became acquainted with many different cultures (our program was a really multinational program with participants from 12 differemt countries ! All modules are interesting for me particularly the country module.  The program has helped me to emphasize my carreer, especially in economical aspects."

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Mexican REN Ambassador: Elizabeth Rodriguez Bringas (Class 2016 - 2018)

Field of work: Sales & Project Management in an Energy Efficiency, disaggregation and Data analytics startup. 

"I decided to do a Master in renewable energy, because it is the key to solve many of the current social problems worldwide. Since this program is international it also allows you to meet people from all places of the world that are united by the same passion and interest to make a change in the way energy is produced, delivered but also in the way it is used. It is a great opportunity to meet people who are already working and share experience and ideas. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in starting a career in renewable energy."

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Field of work: Sustainable Development

Organization: United Nations Industrial Development Organization

“I found the MSc Renewable Energy System (RES) Program to be very enlightening and informative. I was able to expand my knowledge on the Sustainable Development Agenda and how RES is a crucial component to promote global prosperity. Throughout the program, I really enjoyed interacting with a very diverse and international group of colleagues and teachers. Academically, I really found the Country Modules the most fun activity because of the practical relevance and bonding it created among different classes. Through this prograe I have been able to gain employment at the United Nations – which has been a long time dream realised!”

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Aivis Korpfs

Field of work: Sales and Project Management in Energy Distribution & Transmission field

Position: Member of the board at EnergoPro SIA , Latvia

"Renewable Energy production is becoming more and more important and actual in the EU and worldwide. When I was looking for an opportunity to widen my knowledge in this field I found a great opportunity in the MSc Renewable Energy Systems, at TU Wien. The programm itself gives insight in different renewable technologies which is complemented by site visits to power plants in operation. This program gave me an outstanding opportunity to meet like-minded people from different countries and cultures, spend time in the beautiful city of Vienna, and gain good friends for life. It gave me the impulse to expand my existing business with RES solutions and services."

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