MatCalc Advanced Microstructure Simulations

This three-day course builds on existing knowledge of the seminar "MatCalc Basic Thermokinetic Simulations, opens in new window". Additional information on the content of the course and a detailed outline of the program is to follow in due time.

Final Degree

Certificate of attendance granted by TU Wien

Language of Instruction



August, 20- 22 (Tue- Thu), 2024

Application Deadline

August 10, 2024

Academic Director

Univ.Prof. Dr. Ernst Kozeschnik

Additional Information


1st day

  • Welcome
  • Grain growth models
    o Single-class
    o Multi-class
  • Interaction of precipitate kinetics with grain growth
    o Zener pinning
    o Solute drag
  • Dislocation density evolution models
  • Interaction of precipitation kinetics with dislocation density evolution – strain induced precipitates

 2nd day

  • Subgrain growth model
    o dynamic recovery
    o static recovery
  • Recrystallization model
    o Based on grain growth single class model
    o Based on grain growth multi class model
  • Vacancy dynamics
    o Quenched-in vacancies
    o Vacancy trapping

 3rd day

  • Yield strength modeling
    o Evaluation of mechanical threshold
    o Flow curve modeling

Target Group

Materials Scientists, Physicists, Chemists from research and academia working on the modeling and simulation of phase equilibria and phase transformations / precipitation kinetics in solid-state materials.

Course fee

EUR 1.050.- (free of VAT)