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Exploring Warsaw's Real Estate Industry: ACE Field Trip 2024

Embark on an exhilarating journey to Warsaw, where participants delve into the dynamic world of Poland's real estate industry. Join us as successful industry leaders unveil invaluable insights, paving the way for unparalleled knowledge and networking opportunities

The ACE Field Trip 2024 with the focus on Real Estate, has led us to Warsaw from May 09-12, 2024. Warsaw welcomed us with sunny weather and spring temperatures, ideal for exploring and learning about real estate industry in Poland. The group of our participants consisted of graduates and students from real estate programs offered by TU Wien Academy.

Networking and Insights: Welcome Reception at Austrian Cultural Forum

Deep Insights into Warsaw's Real Estate Market

Our trip has started with a welcome reception with The Austrian Business Delegate, Christian Lassnig, (ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Poland, opens an external URL in a new window) and Valerie Breitenfeld (Deputy Head of Austrian Business Delegate). During the reception, we were able to learn valuable information about Polish economy. 

At the end of the first day, we enjoyed the welcome dinner at the Austrian Cultural Forum (Austriackie Forum Kultury Warszawie ), opens an external URL in a new window, where our alumni and students had the opportunity to have engaging discussions, exchange their ideas and enjoy the evening with delicious specialties. 

Deep Dive into Warsaw's Real Estate Market

Our hosts in STRABAG Polska

Our hosts at STRABAG Polska

During the second day, we were able to gain deep dive knowledge about the real estate market in Warsaw. Our program began with an overview of the Warsaw office market, together with Pawel Klosinski and Paulina Misiak. Furthermore, Lukasz Ciesielski, Managing Director of STRABAG Real Estate Polska, opens an external URL in a new window and Henryk Bilski, Leasing Director, have introduced us to their company´s flagship project in Poland, known as Upper One , opens an external URL in a new window. This project includes both a 30 levels office building and a hotel building, that is equipped with Green Building LEED Platinum & Well Certified Energy saving, Air, Heat and Cold recovery systems. Moreover, the buildings include 8 Double-Deck Lifts, Air ionization and Electric car charging stations. 

Legal Perspectives and Sustainability

Bird & Bird Polska

Prof. Bob Martens and Mag. Petra Aigner with our hosts at Bird & Bird Polska

Our day continued at International Law Firm in Real Estate, Bird & Bird, opens an external URL in a new window, where our hosts, Michal Prochwicz, Sandra Sekula – Baranska and Boris Doza discussed with us the legal aspects of the Polish real estate market, including ESG compliance and ESG reporting. 

Innovative Architectural Concepts: Arup Polska's Insights

Arup Polska

Our alumni and student participants during our visit to Arup Polska

At Arup Polska, opens an external URL in a new window, we had the opportunity to gain insights, from our hosts, Michal Pyka, Igor Lysiuk, Malgorzata Madalinska and Paula Baranowska, on the Material recirculation concept, as a sustainable and economically efficient way of modern Architecture design.

Discovering Warsaw's Architectural Heritage: Day Three Highlights

POLIN Museum

Our visit to the renowned POLIN Museum: An inspiring day full of cultural discoveries and historical insights.

During the third day of our trip, we were able to get to know some of the most significant attractions in Warsaw. After a short introduction at the Warsaw Castle, we went to the City Museum, situated near the Old Town Market, where Michal Kempinski (Author & Architect) prepared a detailed presentation for us and with the historical visual materials demonstrated to us the enormous development in the Warsaw cityscape. Afterwards, we had the opportunity to take a walk through the city and observe by ourselves various architectural styles, this city has to offer. Our tour also included the visit of the Muranow and Polin Museums. In the afternoon, we got to explore the area around Kulturpalast, followed with famous, MDM district. Our city excursion finished after almost 18 thousand steps in “Plac Zbawiciela”. Finally, our evening was well spent, in the “Farewell Dinner”, where we enjoyed the traditional cuisine and shared our impressions of past three days.

Celebrating 35 Years Anniversary

This year, the real estate courses at TU Wien are celebrating their 35th anniversary and these field trips are part of our exclusive community work. Such formats are a benefit for alumni and students, as they enable exchange at an international level with proven experts. It was a perfect Field Trip abroad.

Austrian Cultural Forum

Austrian Cultural Forum