Strategic Management for organizational & staff development

The increasing struggle for new tatels and the emergence of special expectations or values ​​of young employees brings transformation into the corporate world. Resulting that even established companies are examining and adapting their culture and forms of cooperation in order to be able to attract and retain the right employees.

Strategic personnel and organizational development is therefore already a central factor for sustainable corporate success. The Executive MBA program Strategic People Management and New Work helps participants, especially in strategic development and expansion. So that they can prepare the cultural basis for the further development of their area of ​​responsibility and successfully initiate the necessary organizational development, the participants learn the targeted use of selected coaching - and know consulting skills.

Final Degree: Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Management & Technology | Strategic People Management and New Work

ECTS credits: 92

Duration: 3 semesters + Master's thesis

Format: part-time, blocked in modules + online phases

Language: German (learning material GE+EN)

Tuition Fee: EUR 26,890.00 (VAT-free, excl. expenses for travel and accommodation), -10% Reduction for TU Wien Graduates

Admission requirements: First academic degree*, minimum 3 years of work experience, personal interview
* Persons holding an equivalent educational and professional qualification may also be admitted

Location: TU Vienna + surrounding area of Vienna & LIMAK Austrian Business School (Linz)

Academic Director: Assoc. Univ.-Prof. dr Barbara Müller-Christensen

Your Key Learnings

  • Positioning people management as a long-term, strategic factor for corporate success
  • Implementation of transparent and agile target agreement systems for consistent communication and operationalization of the strategy
  • Analysis and design of the relevant touchpoints along the employee experience journey (employer branding, recruiting, onboarding, employee management through to exit) in order to be perceived as an attractive employer in the marketplace
  • Illuminate the existing corporate structure and culture. Identify necessary culture development initiatives to create a foundation for implementing future-oriented HR measures.
  • Understanding of forms and possible applications of leadership and collaboration (such as virtual leadership and collaboration, agile methods, ...) to select the appropriate methods for the respective area of responsibility.
  • Knowledge of the essential design forms of change for sustainable organizational development.

We particularly address professionals from the following areas:

Managing directors and decision-makers - from department head level upwards.
People with an interest in the areas of organizational and personnel development

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For experts who want to elevate people management to a strategic level for long-term corporate success. The MBA program Strategic People Management and New Work offers the right insights to be able to develop the culture in the company in a future-oriented way and teaches modern, agile forms of collaboration and leadership.


Sharpen your leadership skills by

  • Understanding the organization as a system
  • Knowing the relevant metrics to drive strategic workforce and organizational development
  • Using focused, transparent and agile goal setting to achieve increased employee motivation
  • Understanding of how potential identification and development can be designed in the respective area of impact
  • Knowledge of different forms of leadership, including agile management methods, and an understanding of how they can be used and how they can be effective
  • Approaches to change and how to apply them in order to initiate and implement cultural change
  • Understanding of the systemic-constructivist approach as a basis for coaching and consulting work