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EMBA | Modern Workplace & Facility Management

Put innovative workplace management, infrastructure & resource optimization into practice! 

We are facing changed and further developing conditions. Due to health, economic and social changes, Workplace & Facility Management has become more and more important in the working world. With its holistic approach, our Executive MBA creates economic, ecological and social added value for employers and employees, contributes to the success of companies by the potential of savings and productivity increases, and thus reaching long-term benefits for all involved parties.

The postgraduate Executive MBA-program combines knowledge and competence transfer in the fields of Management & Technology with expertise on New Work and real estate and facility management.

Next program start: March 2023

Key Facts & Learnings


Final Degree: Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) in Management and Technology

ECTS Credits: 90

Duration: 3 semesters + Master's Thesis

Structure: Part-time, blocked in modules

Language: German (partly in English)

Tuition Fee: EUR 19.520 (Early Bird Price, VAT-free, excl. expenses for travel and accommodation; regular fee EUR 24.400)

*) TU Wien alumni club members receive a discount of 10%.

Financial Support & Funding: All details can be found on our website.

Admission Requirements: First academic degree; 3 years of work experience; personal interview

Locations: TU Wien, surrounding area of Vienna

Academic Director:  Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein


The MBA Modern Workplace & Facility Management provides state-of-the-art know-how in the fields of Management & Technology, Leadership, Real Estate, Asset, Property & Facility Management and New Work. Based on this interdisciplinary approach, the program combines technical and ecological knowledge with economic skills in the areas of management, business and law. 

In the process, you will learn 

  • various fields and levels of Management topics with a technical and scientific background. You will also learn to face differenc challenges in the applied projects and formed teams.
  • how to deal with different leadership topics - on an individual -, on a team - as well as on an organizational level.
  • how to get to know and be prepared for a specialized, innovative management function in work and office environments.
  • how to use the target-oriented application of IT-Systems and their data structure in Facility Management Projects. 
  • to understand the legal conditions and meet the legal compliance of clients, for example the fulfillment of all legal requirements.
  • the ability to prepare complex data and background information and how to communicate the resulting conclusions in a goal-oriented and convincing manner to non-experts.
  • how to apply the basics and tools of New Work to current working conditions, requirements & challenges. 
  • the application of strategic, tactical and operative components of Facility Management for an effective and efficient support in a modern workplace in order to successfully process the core business and customer satisfaction.
  • how to use the strategic, tactical and operative components of new work methods and facility management to enable an effective and efficient running of the core businesses while ensuring customer, employer & employee satisfaction.

...to combine all the gained skill and apply them to an interdisciplinary project during your studies.


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Important dates

Next program start: März 2023



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For safe continuing education without Corona

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Right now, it is our great concern to provide you with continuing education in a professional and safe way. For this reason, our programs will take place under the following security measures during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Virtual info events & individual counseling sessions
  • Online application processes
  • 2,5G rule “vaccinated, PCR-tested, recovered"
  • FFP2 masks recommended

Prof. Alexander Redlein
Univ.Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein, Academic Director
Companies need managers who can successfully handle real estate properties, infrastructure and the necessary services for a modern workplace environment in the most optimized way. Also service providers need employees who are able to combine technical know-how with management skills and knowledge about legal compliance. This TU Wien MBA offers exactly the expertise which is necessary for a professional in this field.