Develop and strengthen your role of manager by mastering the three value chains 'EEE':

  • Execution: Focus on strategic important issues
  • Engagement: motivating employees, using and promoting their potential
  • Enhancement: providing impetus for further development and influencing transformation processes (employee and organizational level)

You will learn the core tasks of management to ensure financial performance and operational processes:

  • Corporate accounting, basic financial principles, financing and valuation problems
  • Economic policy and macroeconomic contexts, central economic theories and concepts
  • Data Science and Technology Management, Big Data - applicability  and assessment
  • Statistical methods for collecting and analyzing data
  • Innovation management

  • Legal & Technical Trends | Interdisciplinary Approach
    • Legal Compliance
    • Fundamentals of Building Physics
    • Building Technology
    • IT Support in Facility Management
    • Interdisciplinary Project
  • Facility Management: Strategic - Tactical - Operative
    • Fundamentals of Facility Management
    • Facility Services & Management of Facility Services
    • Asset, Real Estate & Property Management
    • Energy & Resources Management
    • Management of Facilities

Compact Program New Workplaces


In your Master's Thesis, you will work independently on a problem in a topic area of your own choice, using scientific methods. In most cases, this is a problem with practical relevance to your own working environment.