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Mag. Claus Drennig

Personal Profile

Name: Mag. Claus Drennig

Company & Position: Compleo Charging Solutions AG | Country Manager

Education: Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Personal Motto: Leaving the world a little better than I found it

MBA program: MBA Mobility Transformation (Start June 2021)

MBA Journey Take-off Interview

Because I was able to change my career at the same time, partially leaving my previous career path of about 20 years, and can now use this training well for my new tasks. Both happened at the same time, which is very fortunate, otherwise I would have tried to use the MBA program as a stepping stone.

The refreshing of partly known contents, where the first learning was quite a while ago. Making new contacts, strengthening my professional and personal network. And learning new, up-to-date content. After the MBA, I would like to be able to say that time and effort were well invested, that the program was interesting and varied, and that I enjoyed spending time with others (so far, all of this has been the case).
As goals, I would like to be even better equipped for my professional challenges. I would like to be able to have various contents recalled and transferred into daily work.

I would like to give my colleagues strength and confidence; the program is demanding in terms of time and content, but at the same time I hope that they will not lose their joy and will be able to reconcile the program with their private lives over the period. I hope that all of them will bring the commitment and openness to the end.
I wish future students interest in the topic, mobility and related issues and challenges will be extremely important topics for the future, this requires many fellow knowledgeable and interested people who contribute to the solutions of these future challenges.

Coincidentally or not, I'm lucky that my wife is also doing an apprenticeship, which means there's less of a burden between the two of us. We just have to coordinate very well, and sometimes even get grandparents involved for our children, but so far it's worked out pretty well. For myself, I have fortunately a tolerant employer who sees the benefit also for my professional activity and I can therefore work in the times for the training in my professional time as well as possible.
I also hope for a professional benefit through the network, and the time for the required work away from the seminars just goes instead of free time, but I accept that and do not bother me. Otherwise I wouldn't have been allowed to start the MBA program in advance.

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