The postgraduate Master's Programme Healthcare Facilities (MSc) of the Medical University of Vienna and TU Wien represents a unique, interdisciplinary education for experts of different disciplines. The Master's Programme pursues a holistic approach to the conception, planning, construction, operation and management of healthcare facilities in the service of patients.

The postgraduate course is characterised by the cooperation between the fields of architecture and spatial planning, business organisation and medicine, which is reflected in the cooperation between the TU Wien and the Medical University of Vienna.

This postgraduate Program comprises 105 ECTS credit points (42 semester hours) and lasts four semesters. One ECTS credit point corresponds to a workload of 25 hours consisting of presence, pre- and post-processing.


  • M01.1. Introduction to Healthcare (VO)
  • M01.2. Introduction to Healthcare Facilities (VO)
  • M01.3. Types and Design of Healthcare Facilities (VO)
  • M01.4. Healthcare Fundamentals Lab (SE/Lab)

  • M02.1. Basic Concepts of Healthcare Systems (VU)
  • M02.2 Stakeholder Analysis and Cooperation (VU)
  • M02.3 Methods of Measurement and Evaluation (VU)
  • M02.4 Building Performance Evaluation Lab (SE)

  • M03.1 Epidemiology and Demographics (VO)
  • M03.2 Prediction of Medical Demand, Equity & Benefit (VU)
  • M03.3 Applied Market Analysis & Financial Planning (SE)
  • M03.4 Regional and Urban Planning Lab (VU)

  • M04.1. The Micro-Environment: A Network of Stakeholders (VU)
  • M04.2. Process Planning and Functional Design (VU)
  • M04.3. Business Organization Lab (SE)

  • M05.1. International State of the Art and Planning and Comparison (SE)
  • M05.2. Global Drivers, Predictability and Risk Mitigation (SE)
  • M05.3. Field Trip: Health Care Facilities in the International Context (UE)

  • M06.1. Complexity Research, Information and Knowledge Management (SE)
  • M06.2. Clinical and non-clinical Information-Management Systems (UE)
  • M06.3. Computer Assisted Patient Care and Supportive Services Lab (UE)

  • M07.1. Architectural Competitions: From Requirements to Form (VU)
  • M07.2. Integral Design: From Form to Detail
  • M07.3. Applied HCF Planning: Design Lab

  • M08.1. Integral Planning and Building Information Modeling for Healthcare Facilities (SE)
  • M08.2. Procurement Procedures and Construction Management (SE)
  • M08.3. Applied HCF Construction Project (SE)

  • M09.1. Planning Handover and Launch of Healthcare Facilities (VU)
  • M09.2. Relocation and Service Transition (VU)
  • M09.3. Fine Tuning and Assisted Transition Lab (SE)

  • A master's thesis is written with the assistance of a tutor, preferably, relating to the student's occupational activity and focusing on the feasibility of practical implementation.

Time Structure 2022-2024:


Next program start: Fall 2022. The exact dates will follow shortly.


The modules take place in Vienna at TU Wien or MedUni Vienna.