Unique Features

Over the last few years environmental challenges have taken on a new urgency on a local, regional and global level. In particular, issues regarding the protection and sustainable use of environmental resources have become an existential concern. This puts increasing demands on decision-makers, who require a broad knowledge and understanding of the political, legal, economic and technical issues involved. Everybody concerned, whether as representatives of ministries, international organizations, NGOs or the private sector, has to deal with an ever increasing range of environment related questions.

This interdisciplinary MSc Program is a joint program of the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. It is a unique program in its combination of international issues and environmental technology.

The TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna have responded with the MSc ETIA, on the initiative of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, by being the first institutions in Europe to meet the demand for a university course for (future) managers within the environmental and international field.

The combination of the professors and experts, discussions with guest speakers from companies and various institutions and the high level of internationality have led to this successful and unique MSc ETIA Program.

A total of 301 students from 49 nations have participated in the program as of now – from all over Europe, Australia, Guatemala, Japan, Canada, Moldavia, Brasil, Mexico, Philippines, Singapure, USA und even New Zealand, China, Russia, Korea and the Emirates.

The ETIA postgraduate MSc Program enables graduates

  • to understand and analyze the relevant scientific and technical issues at the same time as
  • providing them with a sound knowledge of international affairs in order
  • to deal with both current and future challenges concerning the environment and sustainable development.

Another unique feature is the ARA Best Study Award (Euro 20,000) offered on the occasion of the graduation ceremony to those three students with the best academic performance throughout both study years.

TUW Main building

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Technology for People - Developing Scientific Excellence and Enhancing Comprehensive Competence

TU Wien- located in the heart of Europe and Vienna – is the largest Austrian institution in research and education within the areas of technology and natural sciences. The beginnings of the TU Wien reach back as far as 190 years. Today the University finds high international and domestic recognition in teaching as well as in research and is a highly esteemed partner of innovation oriented enterprises.
For years the TU Wien has been successfully offering outstanding postgraduate programs. This success is also based on the top scientific and economic qualifications of its faculty.


DA Facade

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The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna is a postgraduate school of European and international studies and preparing university graduates for a career in the diplomatic service, international organizations or international business. Its interdisciplinary study programs aim at providing the academic expertise, personal skills and intercultural competence required for careers in the international field.

Situated in a former Imperial Palace in the centre of Vienna, the DA campus is characterized by its international student body with representatives from as many as 40 different nations.This very diversity ensures that “internationalism” and “intercultural communication” are practised on a daily basis.


Julia Kostal ARA Best Study Award winner

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Altstoff Recycling Austria

As Austria’s leading compliance scheme under the EU Packaging Directive, ARA is collecting, recycling and recovering more than 750,000 tons of packaging waste each year, thus saving 600,000 tons CO₂ equivalents per year.

For many years, ARA Altstoff Recycling Austria AG, opens an external URL in a new window has been supporting academic programs in the field of resource management and waste minimization. In 2010, the ARA Best Study Award has been established for students of the MSc Program Environmental Technology and International Affairs (ETIA).

The ARA Best Study Award , opens an external URL in a new windowhonours the graduating students with the best academic performance over both years of the MSc Program. The awardees are selected by a prize committee in which the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the TU Wien are represented by their academic directors and delegated professors. All decisions are final.

The winners will be announced on the occasion of the graduation ceremony and will receive the ARA Best Study Award as follows:

First prize: EUR 12,000
Second prize: EUR 5,000
Third prize: EUR 3,000


ETIA class at TU Wien

The "Science and Technology" seminars offer lectures by guest speakers throughout the second academic year at TU Wien. This is a unique opportunity to get in touch with professionals working in fields of the student´s future interest. Furthermore it strenghens the connection between students and alumni, as some of the speakers are MSc ETIA alumni working in international or environmentally technological companies.

Campus life impressions

Both the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy are located in the heart of Vienna and offer many amenities and opportunities to network and get to know other students.

DA Campus

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DA Lounge

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DA Campus - Students relaxing
DA Café


In order to gain insight information of the practical environment of international and environmental technological business, excursions are offered to MSc ETIA students through the course of the two years. Previous classes visited companies like Voestalpine AG, the windpark of Energiepark Bruck/Leitha in lower Austria or the Vienna city waste water treatment plant and main waste incineration plant in Simmering, the eleventh district of Vienna.

ETIA Saubermacher
Excursion Bruck/Leitha
ETIA Excursion Bruck/Leitha - Windrad
ETIA Excursion 2017


Next Program Start

September 25, 2023

Application Deadline

March 15, 2023 - late application still possible! Mail to:

Program Management

Isabelle Starlinger

Mag. Isabelle E. Starlinger

T +43 1 58801 41716