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Master's theses

The MSc Program is concluded by writing a Master's Thesis with an applied character. Below we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics of all completed Master's Theses.

Detailed information on the Master's Theses and the full text versions of those not restricted from public use are available here >>, opens an external URL in a new window

Amirhassan Aliakbar | 2010

Agile Software Development Methodologies; an Approach to achieve Quality in Software

Amira Almugrabi | 2016

ICT Adoption in SMEs in Arab States and their Impact on the Economic Development:Country Case Studies of UAE and Jordan

José David Alvarez Privado | 2017

Smart Grids: Technologies and Project Assessment

Andreas Auhorn | 2018

Process Improvement in the Production of Electronic Automotive Contacts: Economic Assessment of Reel Sizes and Derived Proposal to Reduce Process Costs

Pavol Bartko | 2011

Total Productive Maintenance

Andreas Bretschneider | 2008

Introduction of a production planning and control system (PPC) in an Austrian foundry

Ahmed Bukdir | 2018

Guidlines for development projects in developing countries

Slobodan Danilovic | 2008

The key fachtors to business process management project success

Angelo Das Merces Joao | 2017

Electric Vehicles in India and the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020

Padmanabhan Dasarathy | 2011

TQM Implementation in Private Universities using a lean approach

Aurelie Dell | 2016

Challenges of Implementing a System - Oriented Model in the Architectural Design Process

Siavash Dezfouli | 2011

Global Trends in Cost oriented Autonomous Robot Market

Alfred Dolecek | 2008

Simulation of the cost of project risks

Maria Teresa Dominguez Delgado | 2017

A Systematic Evaluation of Barrier Free Adaptations in Historic Buildings - The Case of the Main Building at the TU Wien

Stefanie Feichter | 2008

Evaluating a business Model in the development stage of content based internet businesses - shown with an example of a platform for people with food

Martin Feldmann | 2017

Autonomy in Logistics with respective to Industry 4.0

Chaminda Fernando | 2014

Monitoring, Validation and diagnosis data processing using intelligence Techniques

Robert Fidler | 2010

Applying Business Intelligence Information System to the Management Control Loop

Michael Fischer | 2014

A Systemic Approach to Frugal Innovation with Focus on Product Definition of Frugal B2B Products

Matthias Frick | 2011

An Exploration of Stakeholder Perceptions in a Large-Scale Construction Engineering Project

Leonardo Garcia Medina | 2011

Task Distribution Method for Proyects

Martin Gmeiner | 2010

To explore the key dimensions of the transition to ITIL V2 and ITIL V3

Manuel Gusterer | 2014

From idea to product - Implementation of a mobile, interactive TV service

Fabian Hauser | 2016

Revenue Forecasting Based on Business Opportunities

Mohsen Heidari | 2017

Globalization - Management challenges & obstacles in Iranian Companies

Bahadur Ibrahimov | 2014

Oil Exploration (Petroleum Geology) and Production Management

Jan Rudolf Illetschko | 2008

The role of component driven information systems development in work group socialization in large scale software projects - an engineering mamangement problem

Herbert Jäger | 2008

Integrated Circuit Product Development Cycle: Process and Their Implementation

Michael Janosch | 2008

Assessment of the process flow and data management within engineering departments

Michael Jungnitsch | 2008

Case Study on organizational restructuring in a post-merger integration

Franz Herbert Josef Kaltseis | 2010

Design for recyclability and improved disposability (Green engineering)

Dipin Karal | 2016

E-COMMERCE IN INDIA A case study of Amazon & Flipkart (India)

Michael Kirchsteiger | 2011

Business intelligence in today´s banking challenges: Basel II

Marcel Koch | 2008

Organizational optimization of a design and development department in an aerospace corporation

Christophe Krauth | 2010

Improvement of Big-Bag fertilizers station and its relevant logistics

Erwin Kruschitz | 2008

Testing critical logic systems Concept for a Testbed used in Oil & GAS & Biotech Industry

Thomas Linder | 2011

Supply Chain Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Enrique Lopiz Canto | 2008

Analysis of Human Factors in the modernising air traffic industry: The air traffic controller

Wolfgang Mair | 2014

Leveraging microfinance through mobile banking

Juha Mantere | 2011

Fleet management in international organization - case study EULEX Kosovo fleet management project

Bekim Marmullaku | 2014

Marketing stragegies of SMEs based on product life cycle - a study among SMEs in Kosovo

Christoph Maurer | 2018

Towards a New Vision of Customer Identity Management in European Banking Using Emerging Distributed Ledger and Cryptographic Approaches: The Case For and Against Blockchain

Martin Metzger | 2017

A critical analysis of agile methodologies compared to traditional, structured methodologies: A case study of requirements engineering in ERP operations management

Prparim Nazifi | 2016

Outsourcing Network Maintenance activities in telecommunications HFC network and CPE Maintenance Activities

Thomas Michael Neff | 2008

Innovation offshoring - can R&D processes be outsourced

Bjarney Sonja Olafsdottir | 2008

An integrated approach to competitive analysis and business models identificaito for online multi-media social networking services

Florian Ott | 2017

Challenges and Opportunities of Industry 4.0 with special insight on advances in smart health

Orthodoxia Papachartofyli | 2018

Agile software development within the flat organization Case study: Evaluating the implementation in a smalltech start-up

Christof Pitter | 2011

Key Technologies for Future Embedded Systems

Walter Posch | 2008

Analysis of the future Requirement for a technical service

Mauricio Recalcatti | 2018

Hydroscrew Turbines Feasibility Study

Andreas Rezanka | 2017

Lean Management Practice in Production and Management

Anton Romanenko | 2016

Data Warehouse implementation success and failure factors: Case Study IBM BDW implementation at the State Savings Bank of Ukraine

Martin Schober | 2008

DMF - Development and analysis of an advanced dual mass flywheel

Johann Sedlar | 2008

Management of the installation of a large hydro power plant

Rit Sukpituksakul | 2010

Green Supply Chain Management in the Automotive Indsutry

Jack Tarzi Bashi | 2018

An overview on the fiber optic technologies

Mohamed Temraz | 2010

Innovation and Growth in Tough Times - A Case Study of Telecom Industry

Augusto Tomas | 2008

Managing team excellence by six sigma through DMAIC model

Werner Überall | 2010

Decision Support modeling with standard tools

Christian Voit | 2008

System integration after mergers and axquisitions

Xiaoming Wang | 2014

Modular Integration of Automotive Industry Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) in the BRP-Powertrain Compnay´s New Product Development Process

Simon Wartanian | 2016

Modernization of the Software-Engineering-Process within a large Project-Environment

Georg Weitl | 2016

Company valuation methods and their practical relevance

Christian Wenninger | 2011

Management of Collaborative Supplier Networks

Justin Willis | 2010

A review of Communications Management theory and practise for application in Remote management of Mining Projects