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This part-time MSc Program is tailor-made for demands and needs of companies worldwide facing a growing and increasingly competitive market. It is designed to prepare graduates from universities as well as with similar qualifications for leadership roles in technical, corporate and national affairs. This program will be also especially valuable for individuals who have already started management careers.

In future technicians, lawyers and managers will be specialists not only in their field of expertise but also the respective complementary fields such as marketing, business management, law and engineering. In areas where economists, lawyers and engineers work together on the same level, either at the top of small and medium sized companies or in units of big companies, a well qualified engineering manager provides expertise and solutions to bridge existing interfacial gaps.

This MSc Program offers graduates from engineering schools the chance to extend and deepen their knowledge of economic and legal issues as well as it provides education in technical sciences for business managers and legal experts.

This outstanding, international MSc Program provides you with the necessary knowledge for an efficient and successful management of small and medium-sized enterprises as well as departments of large companies.

Internationally distinguished experts are members of this highly acclaimed faculty, either through their sound interdisciplinary scientific knowledge or their extensive practical experience in the field of engineering management.

In order to succeed and proceed to higher management positions the combination of technical and economic knowledge is gaining importance. Experience with legal issues is an additionally sought after asset. This proofs that there is an increasing demand for employees with special knowledge in engineering, business management, marketing and jurisprudence.

Technology for People – Developing Scientific Excellence and Enhancing Comprehensive Competence
The TU Wien is the largest Austrian institution in research and education within the areas of technology and natural sciences. The beginnings of TU Wien reach back 200 years. Today the University finds high international and domestic recognition in teaching as well as in research and is a highly esteemed partner of innovation oriented enterprises. For years TU Wien has been successfully offering outstanding postgraduate programs. This success is also based on the top scientific and economic qualifications of its faculty.

Program Management

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