The aim of this MSc Program is to develop an advanced understanding of important management principles and practices in connection with developing and implementing engineering projects in order to enable engineering managers to widen their knowledge and understanding of current and future engineering management issues. The combination of theory, praxis and real life cases ensures that the newly gained knowledge can be put directly into practise. In case studies, actual cases from your current working fields are analysed, learned methods applied and put into practice. This will enable active participation in

  •     Production Management
  •     Engineering Informatics
  •     Business Management
  •     Master Thesis

This postgraduate Program comprises 90 ECTS credit points (45 semester hours) and lasts three semesters. One ECTS credit point corresponds to a workload of 25 hours consisting of presence, pre- and post-processing.


  • Probability and Statistics
  • Production Systems
  • Systems Engineering
  • Project Management & Logistics
  • Technology
  • Company Visits

  • IT & Management
  • IT & Production

  • Accounting
  • Financing
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • International Law
  • Human Factors

  • Master Thesis

The Master Thesis is an important part of the postgraduate program. It serves for the consolidation and integration of what has been learned and established a link between theory and practice Students are encouraged to choose a specific and practical problem from their occupational activity and to solve it by the acquired knowledge. A supervisor, who has the role of a mentor, will advice and support throughout the whole process.

Some parts of finished theses ar published in scientific journals and/or presented on scientific events.

Important Dates

Next Program Start
November 18, 2022

Application Deadline
Applications still possible

Program Management


Sandra Wagner

T +43 1 58801 41707