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Engineering Management can be thought according problem-independent, and solution/technology-independent, principles and methods. Based on systems thinking, related to the successful management of systems, to meet stakeholder requirements and to maximize value delivered to stakeholders in accordance with their values.

In the past, the areas of engineering and management were regarded as two very different and unrelated areas. Trained specialists undertook the process and technical aspects of engineering, while a different type of person altogether, often with an unrelated background and experience, oversaw the management of an engineering business or technical processes. Times have certainly changed; new skills and new approaches are required by a staff having the responsibility to make the most of their hi-tech processes. The need for a new kind of manager has been heightened by the new international nature of most businesses. There is an increasing demand from customers to deal with people familiar with the technical aspects of a product and who are also experts in business management and customer relationships.

7 reasons to study the MSc Engineering Management

A career in engineering management combines the technological problem-solving skills of an engineer with the organizational, administrative and planning skills of management to efficiently perform an engineering function. Our goal is to train interdisciplinary managers for SMEs (micro and medium-sized enterprises) and departments of large companies.

A successful technical manager must have the necessary skills to coach, mentor and motivate professionals. The main objective is to develop a curriculum that enables the graduates to become familiar with business topics and to appreciate them in the context of the introduction of "new" technologies. That is why we have an international faculty from 9 different countries from industry and science.

  • International Faculty currently from 9 countries
  • International students from currently 41 countries
  • The program is extra occupational
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • According to the Bologna Convention
  • English is the language of instruction
  • Contents are continuously updated
  • Master of Science (MSc) Degree from TU Wien
  • Evening Lectures with distinguished guest speakers
  • Company visits
  • Direct contact with the course and programme management.
  • Some of the Master's thesis from our students get published in international journals

About 2/3 of our graduates have risen to (higher) management positions and 1/3 have founded their own company.


In recent years, the proportion of women has increased to 13% female students - tendency increasing in the last years


  • 42% - attended the program before their 30th birthday
  • 22% - 30- 34 years
  • 18% - 35 – 39 years
  • 12% - 40-44 years
  •   7% - 45 years or older

The average entry age is 29 years. The youngest participant in all programmes was 21 years old and the oldest 66 years old.

Professional Background

42% - come from a technical background, 28% had an IT or related background, 12% have an education in economics and management, 2% in natural sciences such as mathematics, astronomy, physics and the rest of 8% come from various subjects such as law, journalism, social sciences, political science.

The TU Wien - located in the heart of Europe and in Vienna - is the largest Austrian institution for research and teaching in the field of technology and natural sciences. Being part of our international alumni network is a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge, to have fruitful discussions or even to find your future business partner! 

The MSc Program Engineering Management has very close contacts to international companies not only due to the lecturers from the industry.

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