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Executive MBA Strategic Management & Technology

Take Your Strategic Leadership skills to the next level

The innovative Executive MBA Strategic Management & Technology at TU Wien equips professionals to confidently navigate change and lead complex organizations in the modern business landscape.

In just three semesters, you’ll gain state-of-the-art knowledge combining theory and hands-on learning. Develop sharp strategic thinking and management skills tailored to technology companies and organizations. Graduate with an Executive MBA degree and the strategic vision to drive growth and innovation.

The program is designed for mid-career professionals from diverse industries seeking to expand their perspective. Whether you are in tech, non-profit, or public institutions, this EMBA will empower you to advance as an executive leader.

Your benefits

Strategic Thinking

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Develop skills in strategic management, marketing, finance, and more to lead at the executive level.

Career Opportunites

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The Executive MBA from TU Wien is a highly respected degree that will open up more career opportunities.

Learn from industry experts

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The program has a strong practical focus and you will learn from academics and practitioners with extensive industry experience.

What is the program about

  1. Gain state-of-the-art knowledge in strategic management and leadership.
    The program offers the latest and most advanced information from leading experts in the field. You'll engage in interactive discussions and attend lectures to gain valuable insights.

  2. Develop holistic thinking by combining technical and business perspectives.
    Our program curriculum blends technical and business topics, allowing participants to cultivate a holistic perspective.

  3. Enhance leadership and soft skills through experiential learning.
    In this program, you'll learn by doing. We use case studies, simulations, and group projects to help you build up your leadership and interpersonal skills.

  4. Learn from your peers.
    Develop a global perspective by studying with a diverse cohort. The program attracts students from different countries, cultures, and industries, providing a unique opportunity to learn about global business practices and develop cultural intelligence.

Why TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education?

At TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education, we are committed to providing our students with high-quality education and training that meets the demands of today's rapidly changing world. With over 200 years of experience in science and engineering, TU Wien is one of the most respected technical universities in Europe.


TU Wien

A Rigorous Curriculum Tailored to Ambitious Professionals

Strengthen your role as a manager by mastering the three value chains of "EEE":

  • Execution: Focusing on strategic issues that are important to your organization.
  • Engagement: Motivating and engaging employees, harnessing their potential for the benefit of the organization.
  • Enhancement: Providing impetus for further development and influencing transformation processes at both the employee and organizational level.

You will learn the core tasks of management to ensure financial performance and operational processes, including:

  • Corporate accounting, foundational financial principles, financing and valuation problems
  • Economic policy and macroeconomic contexts, central economic theories and concepts
  • Data Science and Technology Management, including the applicability and assessment of Big Data
  • Statistical methods for collecting and analyzing data
  • Innovation management for effective business process planning and implementation
  • Marketing analysis, strategic marketing plans, and consumer behavior

  • Apply strategy development and strategic analysis tools
  • Align market positioning and core competencies (capabilities)
  • Implement measures for strategy implementation on key performance indicators
  • Develop your Corporation development through internal (ventures, intrapreneurship) or external initiatives (acquisitions)
  • Plan and implement initiatives at strategic and operational level

You will learn the essentials of successful negotiation:

  • develop an effective and appropriate mindset to conflict situations
  • Structure the negotiation process
  • apply concepts of strategy and tactics effectively
  • handle difficult situations with confidence
  • build solid business relationships and create future opportunities

In your Master's thesis, you will work independently on a problem in a topic area of your own choice, in terms of content and using scientific methods. In most cases, this is a question with practical relevance to your own working environment.

3 reasons to apply

Gain a competitive edge

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Strengthen your strategic thinking and leadership skills with holistic strategies that combine business and technical interrelationships. 

Invest in your career

Leadership Insights

The Executive MBA degree and knowledge gained will prepare you for senior leadership roles with higher responsibility.

Build a Powerful Network


Connect with a network of high-potential peers and industry leaders that can support your career for years to come.


  • Program Start: March 21, 2024
  • Application Deadline: Feb. 18, 2024
  • Degree: Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
  • Duration: 3 semesters + Master's Thesis
  • Structure: Part-time, blocked in modules
  • Language: English
  • Tuition fee: € 26,890 (-10% for TU Wien Alumni)
  • Early Bird Bonus: -€ 2,000 until Jan. 15, 2024

Dr. Marc Brehme

Dr. Marc Brehme | CTO Ribbon Biolabs

The TU Wien Executive MBA program was an ideal fit for me. Its blend of on-site interaction with students and focus on "Management & Technology" sets it apart.