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Circular Economy | Winter School

Gain the Circular Economy Skills to Drive Real Change

Welcome to the forefront of sustainability and innovation - our cutting-edge education program is designed specifically for ambitious professionals like you, who are looking for a deep understanding of circular economy principles and the knowledge to implement them in your industry.

The Winter School is a 2-week intensive program running from February 19 to March 1, 2024. Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and site visits with industry leaders, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of concepts and approaches for enabling a circular economy.

Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a sustainability leader.


Your benefits

Learn from experts

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Get real-life insights about circular economy concepts, strategies, and real-world case studies in sectors such as packaging, construction, mobility, and electronics.

Exclusive Network

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Join a small group of 15-25 participants for an interactive learning experience. Discuss challenges, share ideas, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

Earn a TU Wien Certificate

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Earn a certificate of completion from TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education to strengthen your credibility in this emerging field.

What is the program about:

  1. Gain expertise in circular economy concepts and approaches
    This intensive 2-week program provides a comprehensive overview of circular economy principles and how to apply them in practice. Through lectures, discussions and site visits, you will develop a deep understanding of concepts like designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

  2. Build a career in sustainability
    With circular economy skills in high demand, this program will prepare you for roles driving sustainability and circular solutions. You will learn how to assess circularity, develop circular strategies, and understand the factors that enable successful implementation across sectors like construction, mobility, electronics and packaging.

  3. Visit innovative companies leading the transition
    Through site visits to pioneering companies, you will see firsthand how circular economy approaches are being implemented and gain insights you can apply in your own work. Interact with executives and sustainability leaders shaping the future of their industries.

  4. Join a network of change agents
    Connect with a group of 15-25 participants from around the world who share your passion for building a sustainable future. Discuss challenges, share ideas, and form relationships that will support you as you advance in your career.

Why TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education?

At TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education, we are committed to providing our students with high-quality education and training that meets the demands of today's rapidly changing world. With over 200 years of experience in science and engineering, TU Wien is one of the most respected technical universities in Europe.


TU Wien

A Rigorous Curriculum Tailored to Ambitious Professionals

Monday, February 19th

  • Welcome and Introduction (Christoph Scharff & Johann Fellner, TU Wien)

  • Exploring Policy and Principles of the Circular Economy Concept (Karl Falkenberg, EU Commission, ret.)

  • Clean Cycles and Final Sinks: Essential Components of Circular Economy (Helmut Rechberger, TU Wien)

Tuesday, February 20th

  • Circular Economy in Packaging Sector I: From Design to Recycling (Christoph Scharff, TU Wien; Sabine Nadherny-Borutin, Plastics Europe Austria; Manfred Tacker, packforce)

Wednesday, February 21st

  • Circular Economy in the Packaging Sector II: Recycling of Plastics and Paper (Werner Kruschitz; Wolfgang Hofer, OMV; Thomas Greigeritsch, MM Service GmbH)

Thursday, February 22nd

  • Circular Economy in the Packaging Sector III: Technical Visits to Sorting and Recycling Facilities for Packaging Waste (Plastics and Paper)

Friday, February 23rd

  • Circular Economy in Buildings, Infrastructure, and Mobility I: Focus on Buildings (Arne Ragossnig, RM Umweltkonsulenten ZT GmbH & ISWA Austria; Johannes Kisser, alchemia nova)

Monday, February 26th

  • Exploring Circular Economy in Public Transport & Infrastructure

    • Circularity and Decarbonisation of a Public Transport Provider (Eva Keuschnig, Wiener Linien)

    • Case Studies: Sustainable Resource Management and Circularity in Public Transport (Hans Daxbeck, RMA)

Tuesday, February 27th

  • Delving into Circular Economy in the Automotive Sector

    • Circular and Climate-Neutral Mobility: The Case of Vehicles (Hanno Buchner, Magna Steyr Fahrzeugtechnik)

    • Recycling of BEV Batteries (Thomas Nigl, Leoben University & Bettina Rutrecht, K1-MET)

Wednesday, February 28th

  • Digitalization's Role in the Circular Economy and Electronics Recycling

    • Re-use and Recycling of Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment (Kerstin Kuchta, TU Hamburg; Matthias Neitsch, RepaNet)

Thursday, February 29th

  • Advancing Circular Economy through Digitization of Material Flows

    • Tracking and Digitization of Material Flows (Michaela Heigl & Felix Badura, digi-Cycle; Andreas Opelt, Saubermacher)

Friday, March 1st

  • Insights from Technical Visits: Waste Recycling Facilities and Car Manufacturer

Unlock your potential and make a real-world impact by developing a project focused on designing and implementing circular economy measures for an industry, company, or authority. As part of the Winter School program, you'll create a comprehensive project report (approximately 25-30 A4 pages) that outlines specific strategies to incorporate circular economy principles into a defined business or use case (e.g., a roadmap for circular economy). Stand out from the crowd and showcase your ability to drive sustainable change in today's world.

3 reasons to apply

Build Valuable Skills

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Develop skills to assess circularity, implement circular solutions, and drive sustainability in key sectors.

Gain Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Leadership Insights

Learn about the latest concepts and approaches in the fast-growing field of circular economy.

Network and Collaborate


Connect with a diverse group of participants and build relationships with leaders in circular economy.


  • Program Start: February 19, 2024
  • Duration: 2 weeks (Feb 19 - Mar 1, 2024)
  • Structure: Lectures, discussions, and site visits
  • Language: English
  • Tuition fee: € 5,200 (for students: 3,500)

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Through this program, I built a powerful network with high-potential peers and industry leaders who continue to support my career.

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