Become a leader in innovation management and technology

Advance your career and open doors to top tech leadership roles with our prestigious Executive MBA program. Developed by TU Wien and Caltech, this unparalleled course of study combines world-class business education with specialized training in Systems Engineering, Supply Chain Management or Deep Tech.

Learn from renowned faculty, visit cutting-edge companies, build connections with an exclusive global network and earn your MBA from two of the world’s leading technology institutes. 

Take your place at the forefront of technology and innovation. The future of leadership starts here.


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What does the Executive MBA Advanced Technologies & Global Leadership offer you?

  • You bring your professional challenges into the classroom
  • Case studies from the real world 
  • Visit companies and high-tech labs in Vienna & California
  • Apply your learnings directly on the job

  • Exclusive access to the network of TU Wien graduates, participants and speakers from day one
  • Connect with international students, lecturers and practitioners at Caltech, USA
  • Invitations to regular events and lectures even after completion of the MBA program

  • Practitioners and experts (EIT Manufacturing, NASA, Northrop Grumman Corporation, ASCM, ...
  • Lecturers from the Vienna University of Technology, Caltech, AIT, University of Geneva, ...

We have tailored the course specifically to the needs of our working participants: 

  • 18 months, 45 teaching days
  • Blocked modules mostly Thursday to Saturday
  • 13-day stay at Caltech, USA

  • 13 days  postgraduate training in Pasadena, USA
  • Learn from lecturers and practicioners from two continents, and thus gain two high-quality perspectives
  • Visit companies and high-tech labs in California (eg. 

Choose from 3 Specializations at Caltech University

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Gain insights into global supply chains, strategic and tactical systems in operations and supply chain management, finance, accounting, valuation, economics, and analytics.

Deep Tech

deep tech

Master techniques for building and executing an innovation agenda. Learn to design competitive business models using systems thinking and strategic options to create new value propositions. Expand your ability to make decisions on new technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Architect systems, sub-systems, interfaces, and interactions. Assess the maturity of technologies and interfaces. Evolve innovative design approaches while managing change. Engineer for specialized outcomes like Design for Manufacturing, Design-to-Cost, Maintainability, and Usability.

What you'll learn

1 Leadership & Organizational Behavior: Deepen your knowledge of corporate accounting and macroeconomic theories. Expand your leadership skills with insights into innovation and strategic marketing.

2. Management & technology Essentials: Use in-depth knowledge of finance, technology management and strategy development to optimize your business processes.

3. Masterclasses in Pasadena, USA: Choose between Operations & Supply Chain Management, Deep Tech or Systems Engineering to deepen your knowledge and position yourself as a subject matter expert.

4. International project management: Mastering global projects - acquire key skills for managing international projects and overcoming intercultural challenges.

Why TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education & Caltech

At TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education, we are committed to providing our students with high-quality education and training that meets the demands of today's rapidly changing world. With over 200 years of experience in science and engineering, TU Wien is one of the most respected technical universities in Europe.

The program provides an outstanding learning experience at the prestigious Caltech campus in Pasadena, with international and experienced lecturers and small class sizes. Additionally, participants receive personal training on soft skills and leadership development in Vienna, enhancing their abilities to excel in a global business environment. The program also focuses on improving business skills and project management, preparing participants for leadership roles in the technology sector.


TU Wien

Is the Executive MBA Advanced Technologies & Global Leadership the right program for you?

Our Executive MBA program, offered in collaboration with TU Wien and Caltech, equips you with the skills to lead in innovation and technology. Here's what you gain:

‭✓ Expertise from Leading Figures: Learn from top faculty in tech leadership, systems engineering, deep tech, and supply chain management. Directly apply emerging technology insights to your organization.

‭✓ Access to Cutting-Edge Resources: Experience the latest innovations firsthand through visits to high-tech companies and research labs in Vienna and Silicon Valley.

‭✓ Global Networking: Connect with a network of peers and experts, opening doors to new career and business opportunities worldwide.

‭✓ Degree from Prestigious Universities: Enhance your resume with degrees from TU Wien and Caltech, positioning you for top technology leadership roles.

‭✓ Customized Learning Paths: Choose from tracks in Supply Chain Management, Deep Tech, or Systems Engineering to align the program with your career goals.

‭✓ Career Advancement: Emerge with the knowledge and credentials to take on senior leadership roles like Chief Technology Officer, Head of Operations, or Technology Consultant. Open doors to top jobs in the global technology sector.

‭✓ Job & Upskilling: Complete this flexible, executive format program in 18 months, advancing your career while you work.

Caltech X TU Wien


The Executive MBA program utilizes a flexible, part-time format with compact attendance phases in Vienna, Austria and Pasadena, California. You will attend classes over the course of 18 months.. There is also a 2-week intensive session at Caltech in California. This format allows working professionals to earn a prestigious MBA degree while still working.

To be eligible for the Executive MBA program you need to meet the following admission requirements: 

  1. Internationally recognized undergraduate degree
  2. Minimum of 3 years professional experience (full time)
  3. Proficiency in German or English (depending on the chosen program)
  4. Financing of course fees and other expenses


Persons holding an equivalent educational and professional qualification may also be admitted, please contact the program team for further details.

The Executive MBA in Advanced Technologies & Global Leadership will prepare you for leadership roles in technology companies across industries, including:

  • Chief Technology Officer
  • President of Engineering
  • Director of Operations
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Systems Architect
  • Innovation Manager
  • Technology Consultant
  • and many more

Caltech is one of the world's leading science and engineering research institutes. Studying there for 2 weeks provides an unparalleled opportunity to:

  • Learn from Caltech's world-renowned professors and industry experts
  • Gain access to cutting-edge research facilities and technologies
  • Build connections in the heart of Silicon Valley
  • Experience Caltech's project-based interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Join the prestigious network of Caltech alumni

We offer several scholarships and financing options for the Executive MBA program, such as bursaries and flexible payment plans. Get personal advice from our Program Management to find the optimal financing.

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