Our Competence

The postgradual continuing education has a long tradition at the TU Wien and became more and more relevant with the founding of the Continuing Education Center in 2005.

Due to the close cooperation of the TU Wien with business and industry, I have noticed that leading companies appreciate the value of a modern and high-quality continuing education for their employees. Especially in challenging times, well-trained managers are the key to successful companies and to achieving their ambitious goals.

Therefore, it is important for us as a provider of continuing education to align the content and structure of the various programs so that graduates can develop additional values and innovations with their acquired knowledge. In this way, we not only promote individual careers but also actively participate in shaping technical, economic, cultural, social and ecological structures. What I particularly like about the CEC team is the fact that it places great value on personal exchange between students, alumni, lecturers and the various industry networks, which helps to establish long-standing contacts.

Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Kurt Matyas

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs


7 good reasons for a continuing education at TU Wien

The CEC's master's programs, university courses, short programs and seminars have been specially developed for TU Wien graduates, international high potentials and executives from business and industry. The integration of the latest scientific findings in the fields of innovation, management, digitization, sustainability, etc. and the regular adaptation of content ensures that our programs are always up to date. In this way, we provide graduates with important insights and the necessary competitive advantage for their career.

For more than 30 years, the TU Wien has been offering courses for part-time continuing education. The experience we have gained during this time is now an integral part of our teaching and work. We know the challenges of postgraduate students to continue their education alongside their job and family. We therefore consider it very important to provide them with optimal support in achieving their career goals.

Much of the success of our programs is due to their outstanding faculty from research, business and industry. As CEC we are in regular exchange with our cooperation partners and partner universities and offer our students, in addition to the experts of the TU Wien, a renowned selection of international lecturers. Our modern infrastructure and learning environment create study experiences that last a lifetime.

Quality assurance and external accreditation are important aspects of scientific continuing education. Integrated into the quality management system of the TU Wien, we have therefore additionally implemented our own quality assurance system for our study programs. Internationally recognized quality labels complete the high quality of the university courses and make the awareness of quality assurance outwardly visible.

The CEC has a number of international partnerships with institutions and companies from research, business and industry. This enables us to provide students of our various programs with important insights from the industry and the latest expert knowledge. In addition to that, we regularly organise exciting contact and further education opportunities for our alumni through our cooperation network.

True to our Motto "CEC Alumni - Connected for Life" we support our graduates in building and maintaining an international and interdisciplinary professional network. At numerous events, alumni can further their education, broaden their own horizons, be inspired - and of course network. In addition, our exclusive online platform offers the opportunity to make contact with other students and alumni and to continuously expand your own network.

Various rankings prove this: Vienna is one of the most liveable, smartest, opens an external URL in a new window and greenest cities in the world. On our campus right in the heart of the city, you can literally feel the high quality of life that Vienna offers our students and employees. In addition to a modern infrastructure, countless cultural offerings and the proximity to nature, Vienna also offers excellent conditions for further education. We are proud to contribute to this with our work every day.