What & How you will learn

Expand and deepen your knowledge in our different Master Classes.

Mobility Transformation

You will learn

  • to assess trends, long-term developments and transition paths toward new mobility technologies and formulate their prerequisites as well as opportunities and risks and to evaluate the use of technologies
  • to shift journeys to environmentally friendly means of transport and routes as far as possible and to organize the necessary traffic efficiently.

You will learn

  • to assess the significance and characteristics of future mobility infrastructure.
  • to independently develop solutions for the design of future mobility infrastructure.
  • to be able to actively shape zero-emission mobility by the year 2050

You will learn

  • to develop and evaluate new business models in the field of mobility transformation.
  • to evaluate technological and infrastructural aspects and adequately incorporate them into specific business models.

Automotive Industry

You will learn

  • to explain and reproduce the value chain in the automotive industry with all influencing factors.
  • to explain the important terms and contexts of operations management, automated manufacturing systems, process and quality management, auditing and certification.

You will learn

  • to describe the topics Lean Management, Smart Maintenance, Information Quality Management and Supplier & Contract Management in the Automotive Industry.
  • to explain interrelationships within the topics of Advanced Operations.
  • to describe developments and effects of digitalization on the Automotive Industry.
  • to name mobility, energy and environmental aspects in the Automotive Industry.

You will learn

- to identify peculiarities, problems, methods and upcoming trends of production in the Automotive Industry.  
- to explain interrelationships and basic relationships between logistics, the entire supply chain, inventory management and transportation

The International Field Study can be booked for an additional fee


Our Master Classes are designed for professionals and allows you to balance your job, family and continuing education. It allows you to work whilst developing new entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and competencies.

Classes are taught in a block format usually from Thursday-Saturday or Friday-Sunday, usually about every 4 weeks. In total, the program consists of 15 teaching days.


All modules are divided into a preparation phase, the in-class time and a follow-up phase.


The individual preparation phase for a module includes pre-readings, preparation of case studies, preparation of presentations, essays, etc.

The MBA classes use a wide variety of teaching and learning methods. These range from interactive case studies, simulations and calculations to classical presentations, but also include discussions, group dynamic exercises and reflections.
Modules take place in full-day blocks and usually last between 3-5 days.

The individual follow-up phase is intended to consolidate or apply what has been learned in class. Depending on the module, the follow-up phase may include writing assignments, case studies, reflections or exams.