Master Classes

Tech Master Classes

Specialize with a compact program at TU Wien!

With these tech master classes you can develop your skills and competencies in a specific topic in just 15 days of training in total.

This compact program is also part of the entire TU MBA program with the same title. If the 2-year MBA program is not an option for you, you can join the master class only. We currently offer the following master classes in which we have expertise, know-how and a large network of lecturers from research and industry:

- Mobility Transformation (15 days, DE)

- Automotive Management (15 days, EN)

- Modern Workplace & Facility Management (16 days, EN)

- Space Architecture (15 days, EN)

- Operations & Supply Chain Management at Caltech, Pasadena (13 days, EN)

Key Learnings

In our master classes you will gain specific know-how to master challenges in different areas, industries and situations with well-founded background knowledge.

Mobility Transformation

In this master class, we give you deep insights into mobility technologies and future-oriented mobility infrastructures. In order to realize the goal of effective passenger and freight transport with zero-emission mobility, it is essential to anticipate long-term developments and transition paths towards new mobility technologies in time and to develop the appropriate infrastructure. New business models taking the new technological and infrastructural aspects into account are the basis for the success of future mobility offers.
Program language: German

Automotive Management

In this master class we will provide you with the theoretical know-how and practical tools you need as a manager in the automotive or supplier industry. We prepare you for the global economic demands and challenges.  You will learn how to optimally design the entrepreneurial processes in the automotive and related supplier industry and gain knowledge especially in the areas of production, logistics and Industry 4.0.
Program language: English

Modern Workplace & Facility Management

The compact program Modern Workplace & Facility Management provides state-of-the-art know-how in the fiels of Management & Technology, Leadership, Real Estate, Asset, Property & Facility Management and New Work. Based on this interdisciplinary approach, the program combines technical and ecological knowledge with economic skills in the areas of management, business and law. 
Program language: English

Space Architecture

The compact program "Space Architecture" is a perfect environment to deliver modern knowledge and know-how in an exclusive research field. Participants will be trained by an international team of experts, scientists, and entrepreneurs to come up with innovative solutions and futuristic models regarding human space travel and habitats off earth. Materials, ressources and recycling ressources will be a major topic in this 15-day program.
Program language: English

Operations & Supply Chain Management*

Here our participants will be tought at the renowned Caltech University in Pasadena, USA. In this 13-day tech-program students will be trained by international experts and professionals in courses like Process & Quality Management, Logistics, Sustainability as well as Accounting & Finance at the californian campus. On top the Caltech-Team also offers site visits, tours, dinners and fireside chats with professors in California. 
Program language: English
*deviating fees: EUR 9.900,- (VAT-free, excl. travel expenses and accommodation)



Confirmation of participation from TU Wien and the credit transfer towards TU Wien´s MBA programs.
The workload of the program equals 25 ECTS.


Theoretical, scientific and practice-oriented content, case studies, simulations, reflections and discussions. All courses are are divided into a preparation phase (reading, researching), the in-class time (presenting, discussing) and a follow-up phase (writing, reflecting).


4-5 training blocks of 3-4 days each (usually Thu-Sat), full day

Ask us for the detailed time table


TU Wien, if not mentioned otherwise

Participation Fee

Program fee: EUR 7,490 (VAT-free, excl. travel and accommodation expenses)
For TU ACE-Alumni: EUR 6,390 (VAT-free, excl. travel and accommodation expenses)


Target Group

We are aimed at professionals, entrepreneurs and executives at all levels who want to acquire knowledge in a specific area and expand their know-how. We require a first academic degree and work experience.


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