Compact Programs

Compact Programs in Sustainability & Energy

Here you will find an overview of our compact programs in the field of engineering. 

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Resource and Waste Management for Circular Economy - Winter School, opens an external URL in a new window

Circular economy (CE) is an innovative way of thinking, looking at production and consumption in a more sustainable, connected way. Instead of the traditional linear approach, this model seeks to minimize waste and keep resources in circulation. The CE model benefits people and the planet by creating an interdependent and responsible ecosystem for everyone.

The first module on Circular Design and Management of Packaging, Construction, Mobility & Electronics (module A) of the new Master's program "Resource and Waste Management for Circular Economy", which is currently under development, will be offered within the framework of a Summer School. Module A can be completed indepently of the Master's program and participants will be awarded with a certificate from TU Wien.

Representative for energy efficiency (in German)

Lernen Sie die Grundlagen der nachhaltigen Energieoptimierung kennen, führen Sie Energiedatenerfassungen durch, lesen und verstehen Sie richtig einen Energieausweis und leiten Sie daraus eine energetische Bewertung ab.

Masterclass Mobility Transformation (in German)

In this master class we will give you deep insights into mobility technologies and future-oriented mobility infrastructures. In order to realize the goal of effective passenger and freight transport with zero-emission mobility, it is essential to anticipate long-term developments and transition paths towards new mobility technologies and to develop the appropriate infrastructure. New business models that take into account the new technological and infrastructural aspects are the basis for the success of future mobility offers. 

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