IBAU @ Future of Construction Conference at ETH Zürich

Shervin Rasoulzadeh had the honour to be given the “Best Poster Award 2nd Place" during the Advance AEC Autumn School 2022 PhD Poster Session and Presentation hosted by the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC | University of Stuttgart.
Briefly described, this research, being done under supervision of Prof. Michael Wimmer and
Prof. Iva Kovacic, is titled “Strokes2Surface: Recovering Curve Networks from 4D Architectural Design Sketches for Shape Inference” and addresses automated digital modelling from concept design sketches based on a 4D sketching application developed within our research group targeted for architectural design.
The credit should go to all the members of subproject 2 “Integrating AEC Domain Knowledge - Synthesis 2.0” of SFB “Advanced Computational Design” at Technische Universität Wien, Iva Kovacic, Michael U. Hensel, PhD, Peter Ferschin, Julia Reisinger, Dalel Daleyev, Ingrid Erb, and Balint Kovacs.