08. November 2022
Announcement of student exchange program with the Tufts University
We are pleased to announce a exchange program with the Tufts University for up to 5 students per semester.

Up to 5 students from the University of Vienna can choose from the following courses free of charge.

S111-M1 Operating Systems – H Khalid
CS115-M1 Database Systems – C Doucette
CS116-M1 Intro to Security – M Chow
CS119-M1 Big Data – J Singh
CS120-M1 Web Programming and Engineering – M Chow
CS121-M1 Software Engineering – V Simmons
CS131-M1 Artificial Intelligence – F Santini
CS135-M1 Intro to Machine Learning – P Saripalli
CS138-M1 Reinforcement Learning – M Allen
CS160-M1 Algorithms – K Laing
CS170-M1 Computation Theory – K Laing
CS150 Deep graph learning

For further details of the courses take a look here.
(All online/hybrid/remote courses with the letters BME, CEE, CHBE, CS, EE, ENP, and ME can be taken).

If you are interested please contact